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Subject Headings 

Books & eBooks 

Articles (Newspapers, Magazines, Scholarly Journals)

Archives & Primary Source Materials

Films & Streaming Media

Film Reviews


Indigenous & First Nations Filmmakers

Additional Online Resources 



Cinema and Media Studies (Oxford Bibliographies Online, 2011+) "...a carefully organized, thoroughly peer-reviewed account of the most important books, articles, and Web sites. With frequent updates..."

Note: In some cases, you can connect to the resources or the item record through the UTL Website, but direct access to the books & journal articles included within the bibliographies listed above may vary (e.g., print materials, not available at UofT); check LibrarySearch (by title) for local availability. 

Contact the Cinema Studies Librarian Kate Johnson with any questions. 

Canada Focused Bibliographies

Subject Headings

Search with Subject Headings

  1. Click to start a new UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search
  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 
  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left

For additional information on subject headings in LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?

  • Canadian literature Film adaptations
  • Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
  • Documentary films Canada
  • Documentary films Political aspects Canada
  • experimental films Canada
  • Feminist films Canada
  • Mass media Canada
  • mass media Political aspects Canada
  • Mass media Social aspects Canada
  • Motion picture audiences Canada
  • motion picture industry canada
  • Motion picture locations Canada
  • Motion picture producers and directors canada
  • Motion picture producers and directors british columbia (ontario, quebec, etc.)


Individuals, directors, actors, etc. (Search as above; use last name, first name)

  • e.g., egoyan, atom
  • Motion picture theaters Canada
  • Motion pictures and literature Canada
  • Motion pictures and the arts Canada
  • motion pictures canada
  • motion pictures canada economic aspects
  • motion pictures canada, northern history
  • motion pictures canada political aspects
  • Motion pictures canada Social aspects
  • national film board of canada​
  • telefilm canada
  • Television broadcasting Canada
  • television Canada
  • Television industry Canada
  • Television program locations Canada
  • Video recordings Canada
  • Women motion picture producers and directors Canada

Search with Subject Headings

  1. Click to start a new UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search
  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 
  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left

For additional information on subject headings in LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?

  • Censorship Quebec (Province)
  • Documentary films Production and direction Quebec (Province)
  • Documentary films Social aspects Quebec (Province)
  • Motion picture authorship Quebec (Province)
  • Motion picture industry Quebec (Province)
  • Motion picture plays Quebec (Province)
  • Motion picture producers and directors Quebec (Province)
  • Motion pictures Censorship Quebec (Province)
  • Motion pictures Government policy Quebec (Province)

To find books about:

  • director or actor, enter the individual's name (last name, first name e.g. Brault, Michel);
  • specific film, enter the title of the film e.g., Ordres (not Les ordres).
  • Motion pictures Political aspects Quebec (Province)
  • Motion pictures Production and direction Quebec (Province)
  • Motion pictures Quebec (Province)
  • Motion pictures Social aspects Quebec (Province)
  • National Film Board of Canada. French Program
  • Nationalism Quebec (Province) History
  • Quebec (Province). Bureau de censure du cinema History
  • Quebec (Province) History Autonomy And Independence Movements
  • Quebec (Province) In motion pictures


Search with Subject Headings

  1. Click to start a new UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search
  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 
  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left

For additional information on subject headings in LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?

Subject Headings 

  • Motion pictures -- Ontario -- Toronto
  • Motion picture theaters -- Ontario -- Toronto
  • Toronto (Ont.) -- In motion pictures
  • Motion picture locations -- Ontario -- Toronto
  • Experimental films -- Ontario -- Toronto
  • Video art -- Ontario -- Toronto


Books & eBooks

This section includes a selection of books and ebooks for Canadian cinema. Additional records can be searched and accessed using LibrarySearch, please visit our Cinema Studies Guide for additional tips and information.

Learn more about Library Catalogue - Search Tips and eBooks (Cinema Studies Guide)

Articles (Newspapers, Magazines, Scholarly Journals)

For a complete list of Article resources, the links below will redirect you to the relevant Cinema Studies Guide pages. 

Recommended Article resources for Canadian Cinema:

Production and Industry journals


Follow this link Search within Newspapers and enter your keyword search terms in the search bar.

NOTE: Newspaper results are excluded form the default LibrarySearch results page.

To see Newspaper results click the 'Newspapers Search' hyperlink listed at the bottom of the Format filter on the left sidebar of results page.

Canadian Newspapers:

UofT Libraries has a guide just for newspapers and there is a page dedicated to Canadian Newspapers (Current and Historical) and Indigenous Newspapers also has a selection of Canadian publications.

Databases for Canadian Cinema

  • Canadian Feature Film Database (Library and Archives Canada [LAC])
    • "The Canadian Feature Film Database is based on the printed Index (Canadian Feature Film Index) begun in 1972. The Database based on the Index compiles the principal credits of every Canadian feature film from 1913 to 2006; establishes a list of Canadian feature films from published information up to 2006; currently features over 4,300 films."
  • Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film (latest update 2007).
    • "A comprehensive and accessible introduction to film and film studies, covering such aspects as production, national traditions, studios, genres, critical theory and film history." Tip: Enter Canada in Search Box; see section Filmmaking in Quebec

Archives & Primary Source Materials

What is a primary source?

"A primary source is a document that was created at the time of the event or subject you've chosen to study, or by people who were observers of, or participants in that event or topic."​ ​

~ E.H. Brown, “Writing about History” UofT Writing Advice​

Primary source materials include Text (film reviews, advertisements, business documents, personal records or diaries, press kits, scripts), Recordings (interviews, radio shows, film footage)  & Objects (images, storyboards, costumes, musical scores) created in that time period.


UofT Canadian Studies Research Guide - Primary sources

Scroll down to 'Digital Collections' for digitized and online accessible resources.

Recommended Primary Source materials for Canadian Cinema & Media:

Canadian Government Reports and Publications




Statistics - Canadian Cinema

Online Statistics, Records and Reports (UTORid required and Open Access) 


Print Statistics, Records and Reports (UTORid Required) 


TIFF Film Reference Library

Film Reference Library (TIFF) The Library maintains the world's largest resource of English-language Canadian film and film-related materials as well as a wide range of local, national and international film resources.

  • Hours and Location 
  • Collections
  • Tips for Searching Collections Online (PDF Guide)
    • Periodicals including American Cinematographer (1954+), The Motion Picture Herald (1951-1958 & 1960-1978), and numerous other popular & trade journals from the studio era and earlier days of film can be found using the advanced search by title (Note: use quotation marks around the title of the periodical in the search and select result that contain 'periodical' as the object name)
    • Special Collections include the documentation of the early work, script development and production by some of Canada numerous other popular & trade journals from the studio era and earlier days of Canada's great film auteurs. The Collections boast all three drafts of David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch, a handwritten script for Atom Egoyan’s Speaking Parts, and the original script from Don Shebib’s classic Goin' Down the Road. In addition to scripts, the Collections also feature storyboards, notes and other documentation, music scores, set designs and memorabilia.
    • Exhibitions include artist and curation statements, in addition to images of exhibitions held at TIFF. These include exhibitions on industry creatives and stars, production design, and cultural investigations around cinema. Some notable names include David Cronenberg, Mary Pickford, Richard Kerr. 
    • Canadian Film Encyclopedia (CFE) includes over 750 film title, biographical and subject entries, covering some of Canada’s foremost historical and modern films and filmmakers. The film title entries include plot summaries, commentary and credits, and the biographical entries have a comprehensive list of film and video works indicating the person’s key creative roles.
    • Edith Nadajewski Scrapbook Collection (c.1920s-1990s) contains scrapbooks of photographs, magazine and newspaper cut outs of Hollywood actors and actresses throughout the 20th century. Images include paparazzi shots, professional photoshoots, movie advertisements, behind the scenes, and film scenes.


Cinémathèque Québec 

Cinémathèque Québec (Online Collections) is Montreal’s museum of moving images. Its mission is to preserve and promote the world’s audiovisual heritage, with an emphasis on Quebec and Canadian works as well as international animation. Collections of audiovisual works (films, videos, TV, and new media), periodicals and books, scripts and productions archives, early film devices and equipment, and various other film ephemera (posters, photographs, etc.). 


Additional Online Archival Collections

Histories of American Cinema in Southern Ontario Drawing from newspapers and periodicals, local histories, and archival documents, this site will begin the process of creating a comprehensive database of American film in Canada during the 20th Century.

Fringes of Show Business in Canada West This project begins the process of creating a comprehensive on-line database of popular performance culture in Canada West (now 'southern Ontario') from its formative years prior to Confederation until just after World War One.


Films & Streaming Media

A growing number of online video resources is now offered by UofT Libraries, available for classroom and individual streaming when logged in with your UTORid. Individual title records are available in the UofT Catalogue through LibrarySearch.

Online Streaming 

Recommended streaming for Canadian Cinema:

UTORid Required
Open Access - No login required to access these resources (exceptions will be stated) 

Physical Media (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)

Media Commons (MC) DVD, Blu-ray & Heritage Audiovisual Formats - Redirects to Media Commons information on physical media collections, search aids, and viewing facilities. 


UofT Media Archives

Media Commons (MC) Media Archives contains different film formats, personal & business documents, images & more with a focus on film / video production, advertising, electronic & print journalism, broadcasting, photographic arts, & multimedia / music production. Several collections have special focus on Canadian media & popular culture.​ ​

**APPOINTMENT REQUIRED (contact MC Media Archivists):​​ ​

Film Reviews

Film Reviews can be found in the Article databases and journals in the Articles section of this guide.

  • For a complete list of Film Review resources and search tips, the link below will redirect you to the relevant Cinema Studies Guide page.
  • Film Reviews can also be found by looking directly in Newspapers from the nation. The link below will redirect you to the UTL Newspapers Guide and provides instructions for navigating our newspaper databases using LibrarySearch.


This section contains resources that pertain to the film industry, production, and distribution of Canadian cinema. These can be valuable resources for discovering upcoming productions, new directors, international and local film festivals, and the nation's key production companies and distributors.

National or Local Industry Organizations

  • Canadian Film Centre (CFC) "The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) is a registered charity and a leading cultural organization for the development and advancement of Canadian creative and entrepreneurial talent in the screen-based industries."
  • Vtape "Vtape is Canada's leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art. Featuring more than 1,000 artists and over 5,000 titles. Vtape's diverse collection incudes works from the early 1970s to the present."
  • Film in Colour "Film in Colour is an online tool intended for users to discover, hire, and collaborate with Film/TV industry professionals of colour, including Directors, Writers, Producers, Editors, Crew, Executives, Curators, Comedians, and a wide array of other Film/TV industry roles for all levels of experience."
  • Telefilm Canada Financial partner for development of Canadian feature films
  • Canadian Film Centre Supports development of Canadian talent in screen-based industries
  • Canadian Media Fund Promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content

Production and Industry Publications and Websites

Film & Media Distributors and Production Companies

  • Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) "Established in 1967, CFMDC is a not-for-profit, non-commercial media arts distributor that specializes in independent, artist made work on film and video including works from historically underrepresented communities."
  • Mongrel Media "Founded in 1994 by Hussain Amarshi, Mongrel Media is a leading independent film distributor focused on bringing the best of local and world cinema to Canadian audiences."
  • Conquering Lion Pictures "Conquering Lion Pictures is a dynamic, independent Canadian production company based in Toronto, Canada. Under the leadership of Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo, Conquering Lion has earned a reputation for developing and producing innovative films for both theatrical and television markets."

Film Festivals 

  • Canadian Film Fest "The Canadian Film Fest is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Canadian independent films and cultivating emerging and established filmmaking talent ... CFF's mission is to celebrate the art of cinematic storytelling by showcasing Canadian films and filmmakers."
  • imagineNative "The world’s largest Indigenous festival showcasing film, video, audio, and digital + interactive media made by Indigenous screen-content creators. The Festival presents compelling and distinctive works from Canada and around the globe, reflecting the diversity of Indigenous nations and illustrating the vitality and dynamism of Indigenous arts, perspectives, and cultures in contemporary media"
  • Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) "Founded in 1976, TIFF has grown to become a permanent destination for international film culture operating out of the TIFF Bell LightBox, located in Downtown Toronto."
  • Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) "Founded in 1982, The Greater Vancouver International Film Festival Society is a not-for-profit cultural organization that operates the internationally acclaimed Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and the year-round programming of the Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre."
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Hot Docs) "Hot Docs was founded in 1993 by the Documentary Organization of Canada and it is one of the largest documentary festivals in North America." 


Indigenous & First Nations Filmmakers

This section highlights Indigenous filmmakers and artists working in the industry, in addition to reports and documentation of Indigenous media production in Canada.

Indigenous Screen Office

  • "Supporting Indigenous sovereignty through storytelling on screen. Mission to increase representation of Indigenous peoples throughout the screen industries."
  • ISO Reports & Publications

imagineNATIVE Institute 

Telefilm Reports & Publications on Indigenous Creators:


Additional Online Resources

The resources in this section are freely available websites, blogs, videos, etc. that can be accessed outside of UofT (no UTORid login required).

TIFF Higher Learning Digital Resources