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Cinema Studies

Search for Film Reviews

Film Reviews can be found in newspaper, scholarly journals, popular magazines and industry or trade magazines. Narrow down your searches by using a Document Type filter when it's available to identify "Reviews" but be aware that you might have to weed through the book reviews as well (especially in the Arts Based and Interdisciplinary databases)

Below, connect to indexes and databases and search for film titles or directors (or use the link in the side menu to jump to the section you need)

Tip - use quotation marks to tell the database to only look for particular words in a particular order, but be careful of spelling.

e.g., "I am Love" AND "Luca Guadagnino"

Have any questions or aren't able to find resources - contact Cinema Studies Librarian Kate Johnson

Film Review Databases

Film Indexes

Periodical indexes can help you find articles about a specific topic. These film indexes contain detailed production information on specific films (incl. release dates, cast,  and other production-related information). There can also be records for significant filmmakers, film studios, and some performers.

If you aren't able to find the article, contact your Librarian for help or hop on Ask a Librarian Online Chat Service. Remember if the article isn't available at UofT Libraries, you can see about getting the article from another institution via Inter Library Loan Request.

Film-Focused Databases

Arts-Focused Databases

Online Newspapers Databases

Using LibrarySearch to find Newspaper articles and news items

Follow link below and enter your keyword search terms in the search bar.

Search within Newspapers

Example search and results page in LibrarySearch Newspapers.


For more information on searching for Newspaper items in LibrarySearch, visit this page.


Newspapers Search link in Filter list, link is underlined in red. NOTE: Newspaper results are excluded form the default LibrarySearch results page.

To see Newspaper results click the 'Newspapers Search' hyperlink listed at the bottom of the Format filter on the left sidebar.

Find Reviews in Magazines and Journals