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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Tutorials 

While LinkedIn Learning Access via Toronto Public Library is still pending. Take advantage of Adobe Premiere's Training Content: 

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how you can get started using Premiere Pro, starting from importing rough footage all the way to a complete video.


All Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials
Beginner Level - Get Started
  1. Create a project and import a clip
  2. Explore Premiere Pro panels
  3. Add effects
  4. Work with audio
  5. Adjust the timing of your edits
Other Beginner Level Tutorials

 Sequencing, Visual Effects, Colour, Audio, Keyframes, GraphicsTitles, Animation


Adobe Premiere Pro training - Toronto Public Library & LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is accessed by UofT students via Toronto Public Library (TPL). Students need to register for TPL card and set up a free account in LinkedIn Learning in order to gain access. (Please note that faculty and staff can access LinkedIn Learning through  

Toronto Public Library Card (TPL)

  • Anyone working or going to school in Toronto is eligible to get a TPL card. The closest branches are Spadina Road (Spadina / Bloor) and Lilian H. Smith (College / Huron). The TPL website is down right now but the branches are open.
  • Getting your Toronto Public Library Card
    • Library Card Identification Requirements (Wayback Link)
    • Non-residents who work, go to school, or own property in Toronto Name and address identification as listed above, plus one of the following (issued within the last two months of the registration or renewal date):
      • current Toronto student card
      • current property deed or other proof of property ownership in Toronto
      • current pay stub or other current, official proof of employment in Toronto, e.g. letter of employment on official business stationery, employee photo ID card with employment address
      • for teens, current letter from a teacher on official school stationery verifying school attendance in Toronto

TPL LinkedIn Learning Access 

  • Set up a free LinkedIn account if you don't already have one. There is the option to try the Premium type account but be aware the trial only last a month before monthly fees.  
    • Use your Toronto Public Library Card number and TPL password to login to the LinkedIn Learning Platform
    • IMPORTANT: UofT Libraries card will not work for this platform if you are a student. It is only applicable for faculty and staff (including student staff)