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Research Guides

Cinema Studies

Search by Directors, Film Title, Keywords

Click on the UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search and follow the instructions provided. 

a) Search by Film Title 

Use quotation marks to search for specific titles. Be careful with spacing, hyphens and abbreviations. 

  • e.g., "Best in Show"

b) Search by Keywords

Use quotation marks to search for specific compound words and names. Be careful with spacing, hyphens and abbreviations. 

  • e.g., "Media events"  "Rodney King"  

Use an asterisk (*) to tell the database to pull any result containing the root word.  

  • e.g.,   CINEM* cinemacinemas, cinema's, cinematic, cinematography

c) Search by Film Director

Use the format last name, first name

  • e.g., Guest, Christopher

Search by Subject Heading

Subject headings are similar to tags or hashtags. They describe the topic of an item in a database, but unlike tags they come from an official, standardized set of terms and are assigned by cataloguing experts.

You can use subject headings to:

  • Quickly determine the subject of an article or book
  • Search the library catalogue or other library databases more efficiently
  • Discover other items on the same subject. 

Search with Subject Headings in the Library Catalogue

  1. Go to UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search
  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 
  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left
  4. Press Enter or click on the Magnifying Glass icon

For additional information on subject headings in LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?


Subject Headings 

  • Motion Pictures
  • Motion Pictures--Reviews
  • Motion Pictures--History
  • In Motion Pictures
  • Motion Picture Industry
  • Motion Picture Producers and Directors
  • Motion Picture Producers and Directors--Interviews
  • Motion Picture Actors and Actresses
  • Motion Pictures and Literature
  • Motion Pictures--Philosophy
  • Philosophy In Motion Pictures
  • Motion Picture Music
  • Sound Motion Pictures
  • Film Criticism
  • Cinematography
  • Aesthetics
  • Criticism and Interpretation
  • Production and Direction
  • Plots, Themes, Etc
  • Film Adaptations
  • Film and Video Adaptations
  • Culture in Motion Pictures
  • Women in Motion Pictures
  • Men in Motion Pictures
  • Gender Identify in Motion Pictures
  • Animated Films
  • Comedy Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Experimental Films
  • Horror Films
  • Musical Films
  • Science Fiction Films
  • Short Films
  • Silent Films

       Other Film Genres 

       National Cinemas

  • Television
  • Television Criticism
  • Television In ... 
  • Television Broadcasting
  • Television Programs
  • Dubbing of Television Programs
  • Animated Television Programs
  • Documentary Television Programs
  • Fantasy Television Programs
  • Women on Television
  • African Americans in Television Broadcasting
  • Al Jazeera (Television Network)
  • For CBC look up:
    • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Digital Media
  • Mass Media 
  • Mass Media Criticism
  • Streaming Video
  • New Media Art
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Reality in Art
  • Video Games
  • Video Games Industry