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Borrowing and playing video games

Depending on the library and the collection, some games are available for home use in accordance with the library’s loan policy and some are not. Please consult the libraries' websites and/or library staff if you are unsure. Some of the largest collections are housed in Kelly Library, UTSC Popular Collection, and UTM Syd Bolton Collection (archival collection). 

Don't forget when using video games as part of your research, you need to cite video games as resources

Search for Video Games

Browsing collection(s) 

Using UTL LibrarySearch 

  1. Type in “video games” in UTL search bar and click on the search button. 

  1. On the search results page, located the filters on the left and under Format, select Other 


Video Game Collections by platform

The follow searches will show results for all libraries. Use the filters on the left side to limit to specific locations. It's possible to submit hold request for pick up for some items. 


Searching for specific title(s) 

  1. Type in desired game’s title in UTL search bar 

  1. Under the Format filter, check of “Other”. 

Screenshot of UofT LibrarySearch Results with the format filter and Other option highlighted


Search tips:  

Filtering your Results 
  • Format: Video games are categorized as “Other” in LibrarySearch. 
  • Libraries: UTM, UTSC, and Kelly Libraries have video games collections. 
  • Subject
    • Limit to software platforms
    • Limit to genres of games
  • Check the location in the item record. If a video game displays “course reserve” as its location, the loan period will be reduce to allow for course access. 
  • Use "Subject" filter in advanced search for specific game titles

Borrow Games and Consoles

Kelly Library, St. Michael's College

Kelly Library has a selection of video games and consoles. 

Borrowing Video Games 

Borrowing Consoles


UofT Scarborough Library (UTSC) Popular Collection

  • Video games are part of their UTSC Popular Collection and must be borrowed onsite at UTSC.
  • Loan period is 14 days with 1 renewal. 


UofT Mississauga Library (UTM) Syd Bolton Collection

UTM Library's Syd Bolton Collection is comprised of almost 14,000 video games and hundreds of consoles and systems, along with over 5,000 issues of game magazines, hundreds of books and literature, peripherals, and related technology, materials, and documents. It is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world and the largest known in Canada.

Access to the Collection

  • This Special Collection may be accessed by submitting a research request form.

    • To see what consoles and games are available, consult the Syd Bolton Finding Aid. Note that games from the Bolton collection are not currently included in LibrarySearch.

  • Once your request has been approved, schedule a visit to the UTM Library's Reading Room. Please review the visit process: the Bolton Collection does not circulate for borrowing but all games may be played onsite.

  • UofT Transportation Tips (including UTM Shuttle) - Find information about the UTM Campus shuttle, public transportation like the TTC and Go Trains.

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Search Tips for Video Games Research

Useful LibrarySearch queries:

  • ("video game" OR "video games") AND theory
  • ("video game" OR "video games") AND (“motion pictures” OR film OR cinem* OR movie)
  • (video OR computer) AND (games OR game) 

Search by Subject Headings

  • Computer & Video Games
  • Video Games
  • Computer Games
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Games Social Aspects
  • Computer Games Social Aspects
  • Video Games Design
  • Computer Games Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Games Psychological Aspects
  • Game Theory 
  • Video game music -- History and criticism
  • Video game music -- Analysis, appreciation

Platforms / Software

  • Xbox Video Games
  • Xbox One Video Games
  • Playstation Video Games
  • Sony Playstation Video Games
  • Ps4 Video Games
  • Nintendo Video Games
  • Nintendo Switch Video Games
  • Nintendo Switch Games
  • Nintendo Switch Video Game Console Computer Games
  • 2d Video Games 
  • Platform Video Games

Video / Computer Game Genres

  • Action Video Games 
  • Action Adventure Video Game
  • Automobile Racing Computer Games
  • Battles Computer Games
  • Computer Adventure Games
  • Computer War Games
  • Combat Computer Games
  • Dystopias Computer Games
  • Fantasy Video Games
  • Fighting Video Games
  • Hand To Hand Fighting Computer Games 
  • Imaginary Places Computer Games
  • Imaginary Wars And Battles Computer Games
  • Magic Computer Games
  • Monsters Computer Games
  • Quests Expeditions Computer Games
  • Revenge Computer Game
  • Role Playing Video Games 
  • Space Warfare Computer Games
  • Sports Video Games
  • Shooting Computer Games
  • Survival Computer Game

Industry Topics

  • Video Games Industry
  • Video Game Industry
  • Computer Software Industry
  • Game Development
  • Computer Entertainment Systems
  • Building Computer Games
  • Computer Games—programming
  • Computer Games Programming
  • Computer Graphic
  • Image Processing And Computer Vision
  • Multimedia Information Systems
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Development
  • Patents
  • Education & Educational Research
  • Application Software
  • User Interfaces Computer Systems
  • User Interfaces And Human Computer Interaction



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