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Research Guides

National Cinemas

Finding Books - Mexico, Caribbean, Central & Latin America

Search with Subject Headings in the Library Catalogue

  1. Go to UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search
  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 
  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left
  4. Press Enter or click on the Magnifying Glass icon

For additional information on subject headings in LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?

Subject Headings

  • Documentary films Latin America (brazil, argentina, etc)
  • Documentary films Social aspects Brazil History 20th century
  • Exploitation films Latin America History and criticism
  • motion picture industry mexico (country name)
  • motion picture producers and directors mexico (country name)
  • motion pictures latin america
  • motion pictures mexico (country name)
  • motion pictures political aspects latin america (country name)
  • motion pictures social aspects latin america (country name)

Individual directors (Search as above; use last name, first name)

  • e.g., Meirelles Fernando, or Santos Nelson Pereira dos

If you prefer to browse the shelves 

Books about national cinemas (history, industry, etc.) of the following countries are shelved within the Call Number ranges indicated:

Call Numbers 

  • Argentina - PN1993.5 .A8 and .A7 (Innis)
  • Bolivia - PN1993.5 .B5
  • Brazil - PN1993.5 .B6
  • Chile - PN1993.5 .C37 and .C58 (Innis)
  • Colombia - PN1993.5 .C6 or .C7
  • Costa Rica - PN1993.5 .C78
  • Cuba - PN1993.5 .C8
  • Mexico - PN1993.5 .M4
  • Nicaragua - PN1993.5 .N537
  • Panama - PN1993.5 .P36
  • Peru - PN1993.5 .P4
  • Puerto Rico - PN1993.5 .P9
  • Venezuela - PN1993.5 .V4
  • Books about the cinemas of Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile predominate; both Innis and Robarts libraries have substantial holdings of books on the cinemas of these countries. There is far less written about other Latin American countries.
  • Additional material can be found using Journal Article Databases (below), Google Scholar in particular.
  • Innis Library's collection contains books written in English only; Robarts Library's collection is multilingual.

Journal Articles & Journals - Mexico, Caribbean, Central & Latin America

Interdisciplinary databases

  • Google Scholar (incl. substantial film content). Includes both books & journal articles. The vast majority of the books which will appear in your results list are available at UTLibrary. Search for any of these by title in LibrarySearch.
    Search suggestion: enter cinema brazil in Search Box.
  • ProQuest (incl. substantial film content)
  • Project MUSE

Film-specific databases

  • The American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog covers the history of American cinema comprehensively from 1893 to 1975, with full or short records for films from 1976 to present. Use the AFI Catalog to find detailed production information about specific films (incl. release dates and other production-related information), as well as citations to contemporaneous reviews from newspapers (e.g., New York Times); trade & industry publications (Variety); popular magazines (Motion Picture Herald, Photoplay); and review publications (Monthly Film Bulletin), among others.
    Note: There are no direct links to online content from the AFI Catlog. See How to Find Journal Articles below, for instructions on how to use a citation to find a journal article.
  • Film Index International (British Film Institute). Coverage: 1900 - current. The directors selected for inclusion are a) those who have made a fiction film shown theatrically that is over 50 minutes in duration, released between 1928 and 1965, and b) those who have made a fiction film over 60 minutes in duration, post-1965.
    Note: There are no direct links to online content from Film Index International. See How to Find Journal Articles below, for instructions on how to use a citation to find a journal article.
  • International Index to Film Periodicals (1972+) Search by keyword, separating each word or phrase by AND
  • Film & Television Literature Index (1913-current)
  • Film Literature Index (1976-2001).


Other articles

Bibliographies - Mexico, Caribbean, Central & Latin America

Bibliographies are curated lists of resources on particular topics. You will need to look up the resources in UTL Catalogue, the Internet, or contact the Cinema Studies Librarian for help. 

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Other Bibliographies 

  • Mexican, Caribbean, and Latin American Cinema
    • Please note that this is an archived bibliography crafted by UC Berkeley Library (accessed using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine).
    • Includes Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru

Dissertations - Mexico, Caribbean, Central & Latin America