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Social Survey Data and Statistics - Canada

Statistics Canada is Canada's national statistical agency, and conducts a wide range of social surveys. A number of these surveys ask questions related to the health of Canadians. Results of the surveys are published as research reports, statistical tables, microdata files (anonymized, individual-level datasets of survey responses). 

Additional social survey data is collected by other governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as public opinion pollsters.

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Key administrative health data - Canada

Administrative health data is collected by the government in the course of its regular activities. This includes disease incidence, use of the health care system, health costs, healthcare personnel, and other topics. Access to databases of administrative health data is typically restricted, however, select organizations are mandated with publishing statistics and analysis based on administrative health data.

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Condition-specific Resources - Canada

US Health Data

International Health Data

International Demographic, Economic & Industry Data

Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health