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Recommended resources for research related to entrepreneurship, startups and commercialization: from science and technology literature to market research and patents.

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Whether you're new to commercialization or an experienced entrepreneur, this guide is a quick and easy way to access the most useful resources the library has to offer, including market research, journals, books, toolkits, and information on financing and business plans.

If you have questions about these resources, or about your research in general, please get in touch. We love to hear about your ventures!

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Startup jargon

Wondering what "MVP" means in Silicon Valley? Hint: it doesn't stand for "most valuable player." These crowdsourced glossaries - created not by lexicographers but rather by people working in the industry - are a handy guide to learn your pivots from your exits as you read about startups.

Silicon Valley Dictionary - A list-based glossary inspired by the television series Silicon Valley. Some humour included.

The Startup Dictionary - Includes handy search bar for quick reference.

Entrepreneur Dictionary for Startups - a glossary of terms commonly used by entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, and others who interact with startup ventures and startup financing. Created by FundingSage

Wordnik - Itself a startup, claiming to be the world's biggest online English dictionary. Searchable.