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Gerstein Science Information Centre


Recommended resources for research related to entrepreneurship, startups and commercialization: from science and technology literature to market research and patents.


Cleantech is an umbrella term applied to sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, practices, and solutions in a range of industries from energy to investing.  This guide provides resources to help support research in this area.

Use this guide to find industry and technology reports, identify relevant companyies, and explore data, statistics, ESG rankings and more on a variety of industries and topics.

Industry research | Company research | Corporate ESG/CSR reports | Data and statistics | Sustainable investing | ESG data sources

Industry research

Find industry data, analysis, and insights including key players, market size, risks and trends, outlooks and key statistics.

Company research

Find out what companies are in a particular industry or space, understand what they do and how they relate to your venture. Note that information on publicly traded companies is easier to find, while private companies and startup company information is harder to find.

Corporate ESG or CSR Reports

Use these sources to find corporate social responsibility or sustainability reports issued by companies OR to learn about reporting standards in a Canadian context.

Data and statistics research

Sustainable investing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data sources

A selected list of ESG rankings and data resource.  Most are free or open source but some offer limited data only as the resource is subscription-based.