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Research Guides

Jackman Humanities Institute - Scholars in Residence - 2023

A library guide supporting research projects included in the JHI SiR 2020 program.

Project Description

New Canadians, New Tories?: Understanding Conservative Party Voting among Immigrants in Toronto

Supervisor: Prof. Emine Fidan Elcioglu 

Why do visible-minority immigrants vote for right-wing parties, even when these parties adopt platforms that appear racist and anti-immigrant? Student RAs will recruit subjects and conduct interviews with foreign-born Canadians who have voted or seriously considered voting for the Conservative party and other right-wing parties in Canadian elections. RAs will also be tasked with compiling social media posts (e.g., TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that have been produced by right-wing parties and associations for new Canadians. 

Qualitative Research Methods: The Interview

Google Advanced Searching

Use Google Advanced Search to locate social media posts Google Search Example
Search social media content using @socialmedianame  and add keywords @facebook voters OR election
Search websites using site:website and add keywords "right-wing politics"
Search related websites using related:website

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Recommended Subject-Specific Databases

Begin your search for peer-reviewed or scholarly journal articles in the following recommended databases.

No one database has everything. Search multiple databases from the list below to find enough relevant articles on your topic. To find more databases from the library select Subjects A-Z on the library website and choose the subject(s) most relevant to your topic

General Canadian newspaper databases