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Research Guides

Jackman Humanities Institute - Scholars in Residence - 2023

A library guide supporting research projects included in the JHI SiR 2020 program.

Project Description

Student RAs will contribute to the upcoming digital database on contemporary Arab women writers from around the world. No expertise in the field is needed, and enthusiastic individuals from all disciplines are welcome! Student RAs will be trained to research and evaluate writings by Arab women social media influencers and activists; create Wikipedia entries on Arab women writers; and generate annotated bibliographies about seminal critical works in the field. In week four, all collaborators will co-author a reflective blog on this project to be published in one of the SaP (Students as Partners) sites.

Recommended Resources

Wikipedia Editing

U of T Libraries WikiProject Editing Basics Page

Using Wikipedia in a nutshell: Wikipedia is the sum of what is known about various topics. What is contributed is more important than who contributes it. Create an account to edit ('one editor, one account') and, if you'd like, use account features in your user toolbar (top right menu) to customise your editing experience. To get started editing, you can improve existing articles or create new ones. This page from the U of T Libraries is a short guide to editing basics, created as part of our contribution to the GLAM–Wiki initiative ("galleries, libraries, archives, and museums" with Wikipedia; also including botanic gardens and zoos) which helps cultural institutions share their resources with the world through collaborative projects with experienced Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia's Editing FAQ page

This FAQ answers the most common questions about editing Wikipedia. Editing most Wikipedia pages is easy. Wikipedia uses two methods of editing: the new VisualEditor (VE), and classic editing through wiki markup (wikitext). The explanations on this page deal with wikitext editing (the method most used). For instructions on using VisualEditor see the VisualEditor user guide.