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Research Guides

Jackman Humanities Institute - Scholars in Residence - 2023

A library guide supporting research projects included in the JHI SiR 2020 program.

Using Google Scholar Off-Campus

If you are on campus, Google Scholar will automatically configure itself properly. You only need to follow the steps below if you are OFF-CAMPUS.

Configure Google Scholar to allow you free access to materials licensed by UofT when you are off-campus:

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Click the three lines at the top of the page (the "hamburger menu") then click Settings (next to the gear icon).
  3. Click Library Links
  4. Type in Toronto, then hit enter to search
  5. Click the box next to University of Toronto Libraries - Check for full text
  6. Click Save

Now you will be able to access materials that UofT has licensed.

Google Scholar



image of google scholar


Searching in Google Scholar:

  • Search in Google Scholar using keywords and search tips you use with other databases ( ' ', AND, OR, etc.).
  • Click on "Cited by" to find other articles or books that have cited the search results you are using.
  • Click on "Related articles" to find other articles that are related to the search results you are using.
  • To find specific articles, search for the article title in quotation marks; e.g. "Slave rebellion and the conundrum of cosmopolitanism"

Additional Tips and Tricks

You can find more tips and tricks on using Google Scholar directly from Google here: