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Digital Pedagogy - A Guide for Librarians, Faculty, and Students

This guide is meant to inform the user about Digital Pedagogy. It includes information on educational theory, a collection of case studies, and resources relevant to the study of digital pedagogy.

Online Learning Objects - Libraries and Librarians

Implications for Online Learning Objects in the Library

According the OCULA's Information Brief and much of the professional literature, online learning objects are considered by many to be a valuable instructional tool. They allow libraries:

  • to reach more students
  • address multiple learning preferences and accessibility,
  • embed IL instruction in online,
  • and work in hybrid and face-face class models

The Brief encourages both libraries and librarians to see the value of Online Learning Objects, and begin developing objects if possible. The Brief encourages libraries/librarians to:

  •  Acquiring LO development skills
  • Designing accessible, multimodal Online Learning Objects based in active learning
  • Create learning objects that can be used across programs at their institution
  • Share their learning objects through creative commons licensing 

Adopted from the OCULA Information Brief on Learning Objects (LO), 2015,