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Digital Pedagogy - A Guide for Librarians, Faculty, and Students

This guide is meant to inform the user about Digital Pedagogy. It includes information on educational theory, a collection of case studies, and resources relevant to the study of digital pedagogy.

OERs for Educators and Learners

The following is a selection of OER platforms and repositories that are most frequently used and recommended by practicing institutions. 

MIT OpenCourseWare

One of the first OERs. 2000+ courses available through a range of disciplines. Also available: lecture notes, model assignments and exams, multi-media resources. Materials can be reused with attribution.


A collection of MIT MOOCs. Includes recorded lectures, course materials, and assessment. Learners, after completing a sequence of courses, are awarded a certificate indicating that they have completed a specific program of study. 

Open Course Library

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has created this resource, to be used primarily by faculty members. Includes syllabuses, lessons, discussion topics, readings, and assignments. Some offer links to free outside readings and textbooks, others cost no more than $30.

Saylor Foundation

The Saylor Foundation offers freely accessible packages for courses in business, math, engineering and humanities and social sciences. It can be used by those working outside of a formal institution. Quanititative assessment is straightforward, while qualitative is more challenging, as typically done through fairly informal peer review

Khan Academy

This resource offers 1800+ videos, with premier open curriculum options, and offers exercises as an option as well. Users can register as a coach and have access to student progress reports. Lectures are housed on Youtube, but also mirrored options on archive.or can be downloaded via a flash drive or other media.

iTunes University

iTunes app allows users to organize course lectures, notes, books and other supporting materials for a course or combination of courses. The participating institutions now number in the thousands and offer a varying degree of content from one off lectures to full blown courses complete with syllibae, lecture notes ibook textbooks, quizzes, and more.

Open Culture

The lead editor of this extensive resource works at the Continuing Education Department at Stanford University. The resource makes textbooks, ebooks, films, online courses, language lessons available to resources. 


This resource began as a consortium of state higher education systems. Today, it offers access to learning objects, full course curricula, open access journals, assessment tools, open textbooks, discipline specific pedagogical resources, and more. Materials are peer reviewed, and user comments are accessible. Users can see how others organize personal collections in order to provide insight into how other use materials.

National Repository of Online Courses

This repository offers advanced placement and college preparatory courses, as well as foundational college level courses in math, science, and American History. It was created by the Monterey Institute for Technology. It offers full courses, lessons and learning objects that can be re-purposed and integrated into course management systems.

Global Textbook Project

This is an international initiative that seeks to provide access to free quality textbooks to students in developing nations. True spirit of OER. 

Additional Resources

Please see the University of Massachusettes Amhert Library's Libguide on OER for an extended list of resources.

The resources listed above were gathered from the following articles: