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INF2325: Launching Information Ventures

A course guide and workshop materials for market research

Other sources of market research

In most cases, your team will need to search other sources available on the Web as well as library databases.

One strategy involves going directly to potential sources of data or insight, rather than relying on keywords to surface relevant content.  Start by asking the question: 'Who cares?'  Specifically, 'who cares enough about a topic or issue to collect, aggregate and/or publish data or insight?' 

Once you have identified a list of potential sources types, do some additional research to understand specific organizations that may be relevant.  Then visit their websites and see what they offer.

Use this checklist of potential sources to start you off

Source Type


Government (all levels) & statistical agencies CANSIM, Statistics Canada, Canadian Institute for Health Information, US Bureau of Labour Statistics

Industry Canada, Canadian Radio & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), US Department of Agriculture

Consulates, Foreign Affairs, Economic Development websites

Intergovernmental Organizations World Bank, United Nations, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD)
Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations EDUCAUSE, Alzheimer Society Canada, Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
Industry or Trade Associations & Coalitions Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Canada, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, Canadian Home Care Association, International Association of STM Publishers, Mobile Future, Scholarly Publishing and Open Access Coalition (SPARC)
Research Institutes and Think Tanks Pew Research Center: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, The Fraser Institute, RAND Corporation
Polling & Survey Research Firms Ipsos Reid, Environics, TNS, Harris-Decima
Market Research & Audience Measurement Firms Gartner, Forrester, ABI/Research, ComScore, Nielsen