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INF2325: Launching Information Ventures

A course guide and workshop materials for market research

What is citation management?

Citing your papers is an important part of the research process. 

  • Why cite?: Learn about plagiarism, and why it's important to cite other people's work.
  • How not to plagiarize: Discover what you need to cite, and how to cite it properly.

However, citing your papers can also become one of the more frustrating and time-consuming parts of the research process. Citation management software can help you save time by allowing you to:

  • Collect citations from online databases and library catalogues
  • Organize, edit, and search through the citations you've saved
  • Insert in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies into your Word document
  • Create bibliographies in well-known styles like APA, Vancouver, and even specific journal styles like Nature
  • Share your citations and collaborate with colleagues on projects

Always check your work!

Citation management software can be a real time saver, but it's not perfect. Remember the cardinal rule of citation management software: "garbage in, garbage out." Always check your work before submitting it anywhere!

So what are my options?

There are several free and discounted citation management software options available to students, faculty, and staff in the UofT community:

See full comparison table here.

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  • Free while at UofT
  • Access web-based interface anywhere
  • Grab citations as you browse using IE or Firefox plugin
  • Write & cite using plugin for Word
  • Support available from UofT librarians


What is my group code?

Help guide

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  • Free and open source
  • Grab citations as you browse using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari plugin
  • Backup and sync on multiple devices via online account
  • Plugins for Word & LibreOffice
  • Third party mobile apps available

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Help guide

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  • Free for everyone
  • Desktop interface for Windows, Mac, or Linux, and iOS app
  • Backup and sync on multiple devices via online account
  • Save and annotate PDFs

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EndNote Web
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  • Free while at UofT
  • Plugin available for IE & Firefox
  • Plugin available for Word
  • Well integrated with Web of Science, but can be used with all databases

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