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EndNote (Desktop version)

How to use a citation management program to organize your references and create in-text citations and bibliographies for your papers

Find and Save Citations

  1. Step 1- Search your Topic.
  2. Step 2- Select your citations.

  1. Step 3- Click Export Selected Citations

  1. Step 4- Double check the tab. Note: you will need to export separately if you want to save a combination of citations from different tabs.

  1. Step 5- For Format choose "RIS Endnote" and select "Include Abstract"
  2. Step 6- Click the Download button

  1. Step 7- From the dialogue box choose to open with "ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper". Select OK.

  1. Step 8- In the dialogue box, choose to export to EndNote. Select OK.

Import Citations as TXT Files into EndNote

Alternatively, you can save a copy of your chosen citations as a separate file before importing them into EndNote:

1) Find and Save Citations as a Text File

  1. Export your citations to a .txt file. Select "Plain Text" and "Include Abstract".

  1. Then, save the .txt file.


2) Import Citations as Text Files into EndNote

In your EndNote library, prepare to import the citations:

  1. Step 1- Go to File in the top left hand corner of EndNote. Scroll down and click Import. Then click File, to open a file.

  1. Step 2- Browse for and select the .txt file you had just saved on your computer according to the instructions in the "Find and Save Citations as a Text File" section above. A pop-up box called Import File will appear.
  2. Step 3- In this pop-up box, select the arrow beside the Import Option dropdown. In this dropdown, scroll through and select Cochrane Library (Wiley). This may be listed under Other Filters. 

  1. Step 4- Select the arrow for the dropdown beside Text Translation. Scroll down and choose Unicode UTF-8

  1. Step 5- Ensure you have: attached the .txt file of your references, changed Import Option to Cochrane Library (Wiley), and changed Text Translation to Unicode (UTF-8) by following steps 2 – 4 above 

  1. Step 6- Click Import button at the bottom of the pop-up box.  Your references will appear in your Imported References folder, which is located in the left-hand side menu in EndNote X8.