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Biotechnology @ UTM

Starting points for research by MBiotech students

Article Databases

Use the databases listed below to find articles—both peer-reviewed and other kinds.

Find Different Types of Articles

Scientific Journal Articles

Use these databases to find journal articles from life sciences, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines.

This listing is not comprehensive - if you can't find what you need, please contact an IMI librarian ( for advice.

Cross-Disciplinary Databases                                                                                                                                             

Sometimes, you may need to extend your research across multiple disciplines.  Some databases offer broad coverage of the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences, rather than focusing on a specific discipline or a specialized subject area.

Consider using one or more of the databases listed below when your topic extends beyond science or medicine - or you are simply not finding enough relevant articles in one or more of the databases listed above. 

Use these databases to find articles from management or business journals.

News Articles

There are times when you may need news articles for assignments or pre-placement research.  For example, you may be researching industry trends, analyzing a company's strategy, or need examples of best practices in a given area.

Use these databases to find news articles.

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