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Seeing Climate Change through Maps

Maps and GIS are a great way to visualize climate change science to help everyday citizens relate to the impact of climate change locally and globally. Explore the maps below to see climate change storytelling visualized in interesting, accessible and engaging ways.  

What is GIS?

Carbon Map

(The Carbon Map)

Featured tool

The Conjuntool (roughly: [koŋˈxuntu:l]) is an open-source “re-imagining” of the UTSC Ensemble tool, a closed, limited-access platform has been used in the UTSC Climate Lab, that was developed by PhD Candidate, Conor Anderson. The restricted nature of the Ensemble tool runs counter to Connor's commitment to use only open-source software and open methodology in his research. He started writing the code that underlies this tool in Tarapoto, Peru. Conjuntool is a portmanteau of “conjunto” (the Spanish word for “ensemble”) and “tool”.

Make Your Own Map

The library has various resources to help you create your own climate change science map, including data visualization tools and data sources.