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Get started with the Map & Data Library

The Map & Data Library is a great place to start if you're looking for climate data or need software for data analysis or visualizations.

Want some additional information on how climate data can be presented visually? Don't forget to check out our Climate Maps page.

Canadian data portals

Looking for Canadian climate data? Explore these portals to continue your data discovery journey.

Featured tool

The Conjuntool (roughly: [koŋˈxuntu:l]) is an open-source “re-imagining” of the UTSC Ensemble tool, a closed, limited-access platform has been used in the UTSC Climate Lab, that was developed by PhD Candidate, Conor Anderson. The restricted nature of the Ensemble tool runs counter to Connor's commitment to use only open-source software and open methodology in his research. He started writing the code that underlies this tool in Tarapoto, Peru. Conjuntool is a portmanteau of “conjunto” (the Spanish word for “ensemble”) and “tool”.

Did you know that UTSC has its own weather station! 

The UTSC Weather Station is operated by the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. It is located on the roof of the Science Wing at UTSC (1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON). 

Weather variables are measured and/or calculated at a 60 second interval.

Data is available online from 2013 onwards.

Temperature data are also posted regularly on Twitter.