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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Science Literacy

C is for Climate

Science Literacy Week 2021 - September 20-26

C is for Climate!

Along with organizations from across Canada, U of T Libraries is exploring all things climate-related for this year's Science Literacy Week celebration. Participating libraries from St. George, UTM, and UTSC campuses will offer virtual displays, contests, trivia, and other content that will inspire you all week long.

What is Science Literacy Week?

Are you climate literate?  |  Moving the Climate Conversation Forward

Contest: Sci Lit Week Jeopardy!  |  Online Book Displays  |  In-Library Displays & Exhibits

Social Media Highlights  |  Virtual de-stress station

   Climate Resources  |  Indigenous Creators on Climate Change

What is Science Literacy Week?

Science Literacy Week showcases the diversity of Canadian science and the culture it's embedded in. Libraries, museums, science centres, schools and not-for-profits come together to highlight the books, movies, podcasts and events that convey the excitement and influence of science in our everyday lives. It’s about each and everyone’s unique relationship with science and how they live it.


Are you climate literate?

Climate Science Literacy is an understanding of your influence on climate and climate’s influence on you and society. A climate-literate person:

  • understands the essential principles of Earth’s climate system,
  • knows how to assess scientifically credible information about climate,
  • communicates about climate and climate change in a meaningful way, and
  • is able to make informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect climate.

Source: NOAA

Moving the Climate Conversation Forward

Scroll your mouse while hovering the padlet or open the padlet in a new tab to view all the submissions.

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Contest: Sci Lit Week Jeopardy!

The Gerstein Science Information Centre & the UTM Library are co-hosting a special Sci Lit Week climate-themed trivia contest!


WHEN: Sept 20-24, daily @10am/3pm


  • Follow either @GersteinLibrary (on Twitter or Instagram) or @UTMLibrary (on Twitter or Instagram)
  • Watch these accounts for 2 daily trivia clues (at 10am and 3pm)
  • Fill out your answers in Jeopardy-style (e..g. What is....? Who is...?, etc) via our contest form


Open to all currently registered U of T students (all 3 campuses)


  • Submit your daily answers by 11:59pm EST each day

  • Students with the most correct answers by the end of the week have a chance to win up to a $50 U of T Bookstore gift card!

  • Contest ends Fri Sept 24, 11:59pm EST.


Online book displays

There are numerous science books available through the UofT Libraries collections. Some are available as e-books. Happy reading! 

In-Library Displays & Exhibits

#SciComm Showcase: Communicating Climate Change

Ever read an article or book and still feel kind of confused about the topic? They say a picture is worth a thousand words - and this can certainly be the case when it comes to complex climate issues.

The Gerstein Science Information Centre is proud to showcase illustrations and infographics that cut through some of the scientific jargon, and takes a closer look at several issues surrounding climate change.

Where: Gerstein Science Information Centre, Main floor (by The Book Stop)

When: Sept 20-26, 2021

Brought to you by the Gerstein Science Information Centre x Science Communication Club.

Can't make it into the library? Check our Instagram & Twitter daily to see these illustrations!


The Dentistry Library has endeavored to highlight the intersections between dentistry and climate. Specifically, there are two tree-shaped exhibits in-library that present users with academic and newspaper articles documenting the interesting and sometimes unconventional ways in which dentistry is impacted by climate change and vice versa. This includes topics such as dental waste, sustainable dental practices, the negative effect of climate change on oral health, and more.

Where: Dentistry Library, 124 Edward Street, Room 267

When: Week of September 20 to 24, 2021

Social Media Highlights

Dentistry Library staff will tweet links to academic articles, books, newspaper articles, association statements and reports, with the aim to inform all audiences about dental waste management and what is being done to improve it, the impact of dentistry on the environment, and the impact climate change on oral health. 

Stay tuned for more starting on Sept 20th!


Virtual de-stress station

Colouring pages

Decompress with online or at home nature and climate themed colouring pages:

Online jigsaw puzzles

Unwind with some virtual puzzles, ranging from 4 to 1000+ pieces:

Video games

Are you a gamer? Interested in where climate and video games collide? Check out this feature of titles that explore themes of climate change and awareness:

Indigenous Sources on Climate Change

See Videos on Climate Change from the Indigenous Perspective

Listen to Podcasts on Climate Change by Indigenous Scholars and Creators 

Read Reports from Indigenous Authors and Organizations 

Read Books written by Indigenous Authors on climate change 

Explore content on various Indigenous websites focusing on Climate Change

Explore a lesson plan about climate change policy and Indigenous Relations