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MMPA 2024-12M Integrated Case Competition

A guide to company and industry research for MMPA 2024-12M students participating in the Integrated Case Competition


1. Use the 'Deals' tab on the top navigation bar to research a specific deal. 

If the 'Deals' tab is not already visible, you can load it by typing '@MAD' in the main FactSet search box.  

3. The Deals tab includes two sub-tabs:
  • Deals (the default tab): which covers rumoured, pending, and closed transactions
  • Simulator: which analyzes hypothetical deals between two companies that you specify (see below)
4. Search for a specific deal by typing either the target or acquirer - or both -  in the upper left-hand search box. A list of relevant transactions will be generated.  The company listed first in a transaction listing is the acquirer company.  Select the desired transaction and a snapshot report of the deal will be loaded.

FactSet's Deals: using the tab and searching for a specific deal



FactSet offers in-depth coverage of deals involving companies incorporated in the US or traded on US exchangesDeals involving Canadian companies may receive less coverage.  Deal reports involving privately-held entities will certainly have limited information because of reduced disclosure requirements.


Once a deal snapshot report is loaded, click on the '+/- Edit Deal Snapshot' option above the snapshot report to customize your report with additional information.


Click through each tab to see all the information available for each tab.  Key tabs for valuation research include:

  • Participants: information about target and acquirer and associated parent companies
  • Financials: includes valuation multiples and key statement items
  • Post Merger: revenue exposure and supply chain overlap
  • Related Deals: competing bids, associated transactions, PE exit/entry deals, etc.
  • Documents: filings, transcripts and press releases associated with the deal
  • Provisions: deal provisions and deal protections (for U.S. deals only)
3. In each tab, use the red pin icon to add individual tile information to your report
4.   To add all available information from all the tabs for an individual deal, select the 'Pin all Tiles to Report' option at the bottom of the window

FactSet's Deals: options for customizing a snapshop deal report

 Deal snapshot reports can be downloaded in PDF format only.


This sub-tab allows you to analyze a hypothetical deal

1. Click on the 'Simulator' sub-tab to analyze an imagined merger between two companies you specify
2. In the left-hand search box, enter the acquirer company of the deal you wish to model. In the right-hand search box, enter the target company of interest
3. This will generate reports on revenue exposure, supply chain overlap, and geographic overlap

FactSet's Simulator: how to analyze a hypothetical merger