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MMPA 2024-12M Integrated Case Competition

A guide to company and industry research for MMPA 2024-12M students participating in the Integrated Case Competition


FactSet's Discounted Cash Flow template provides a summary of different valuation multiples based upon projected cash flows.


Load the desired company one of two ways:

a) Type the company's stock symbol (ticker) next to Identifier in the Inputs box; OR

b) Highlight the Identifier cell in the Inputs box and then click on Identifier Lookup from the Menu above. A separate window will open for searching and selecting the appropriate company. Use the search box in the upper left to type the company name, highlight the appropriate choice, then click 'Add ID' in the bottom right and 'OK'

The spreadsheet will then show your chosen company in the Inputs box. You will need to click on the Green Refresh button in the Menu for the data to load.  

3. You can adjust any of the yellow highlighted cells including the Discount Rate and the Effective Tax Rate in the Inputs box. You can also change the 'Less: Incremental Working Capital' which will alter all the forward projections for that row. Think carefully about the assumptions implicit in the defaults and about any changes you make.
4. Be sure to click Refresh in the Menu at the top, any time you change an input

FactSet Excel Template Discounted Cash Flow