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MMPA 2024-12M Integrated Case Competition

A guide to company and industry research for MMPA 2024-12M students participating in the Integrated Case Competition


FactSet allows users to quickly generate a list of comps and associated financials, multiples, ratios or other benchmark data.

1 Select the 'Company/Security' tab from the top navigation bar
2 Load the target company if it has not already been loaded
3 Select 'Overviews' > 'Comps'
4 - 7 Use these options to make changes to the list of companies displayed, including by changing the comps set or region, or add a company 

Company Comps table from FactSet

8. The list of comps will default to the 'Selected Financials' report. Click beside any of the other options to change the data to view 

Click on the 'x' that appears when you hover over a company name to remove that comp from your list

10.  Download, Print, or Get Help with the Comps Screen