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MUS210: Music in Film

This guide supports the research components of MUS210: Music in Film.

Search by Directors, Film Title, Keywords

Click on the UTL Catalogue advance search: and follow the instructions provided. 

a) Search by Film Title 

Use quotation marks to search for specific titles. Be careful with spacing, hyphens and abbreviations. 

  • e.g.,  "Wizard of Oz"  
  • "School DazeAND music

b) Search by Keywords

Use quotation marks to search for specific compound words and names. Be careful with spacing, hyphens and abbreviations. 

  • e.g., "motion pictures"musical films"  "film score"  
  • "motion picturesAND (Hollywood OR USA OR America)
  • ("film scoreOR soundtrack) AND horror
  • "musical filmsAND "Walt Disney"

Use an asterisk (*) to tell the database to pull any result containing the root word.  

  • e.g.,   CINEM* cinemacinemas, cinema's, cinematic, cinematography
  • (cinem* OR "motion pictures") AND (music OR "film score")

c) Search by Film Director

  1. Enter last name, first name (e.g., Guest, Christopher).
  2. Click on the drop down menu marked Anywhere and select All Authors.
  3. Click on the Magnifying button to launch the search.

Search Tips

SEARCHING HACK:  When looking for journal articles, search for your topic using key words based on your area of focus. Take advantage of the different search boxes in the Advanced Search menus to maximize your results. 





Using Search Operators

Search operators are a set of commands that can be used in almost every search engine, database, or online catalogue.  The most popular  operators are AND, OR, and NOT. These must all be in capital letters to work. Other operators include parentheses, truncation, and phrases.

Use the following search operators to broaden or narrow your results.

AND Use this word between concepts to narrow your results.  e.g. sensory AND perception
OR Use this word between related concepts.  e.g. habitat OR ecosystem
NOT Use this word to exclude terms from your search. e.g. virus NOT corona
Quotations Use quotes to search for a multi-word concept. e.g. "International Year of Indigenous Languages"
* Use the asterisk symbol to include alternate word endings. e.g. cultur* will search for culture, cultural, and culturally
? Use a question mark to include variations in spelling in your search. e.g. wom?n will search for woman, women
(  ) Use brackets to create separate groups of actions in your search. e.g. "climate change" AND (ecosystem* OR habitat*) AND Ontario

Pictured below is an example of how all of the above search operators can be combined to refine a search that will help locate sources describing the experience of women participating in the Black Lives Matter movement in Canada.

Advanced search using brackets, quotations, an asterisk, and the AND, OR, and NOT commands.

Refine Results using Filters

Your initial set of results will be automatically sorted by "relevance".  LibrarySearch relevance ranking is determined by: 

  • Frequency of keywords matched in the record
  • Hierarchy of keywords in the record
  • Proximity of keywords to one another 
  • Keywords matched in author, title, subject, or date field

You may want to change this default setting to sort in other ways. Alternative sort options include Date-newest, Date-oldest, Title, or Author. Each of these options are available through the Sort By dropdown menu highlighted in the following image. 

Alternative sort options.

Choosing a Filter

Choose any filter option from the left side menu to narrow your search results. 

Results page with location of filters highlighted.

Applying selected filters

Once you have selected one or more filters, you must click the Apply Filters button highlighted in the following image before the list will be updated with your search preferences. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the filter section to locate the Apply Filters button. 

Results page with apply filter button highlighted.

Filter Options

Results can be narrowed by selecting one or more filters from the following filter groups:

Show Only

These filters allow you to refine your results to include only results that are:

  • Peer-reviewed: Articles that have successfully passed through an editorial process in which topic experts assess the quality of the research being reported.
  • Online: Library collections available via the Internet.
  • In Library: Library collections accessible only in person.

This group of filters allow you to narrow your results to items available in a specific format or group of formats. The list of format options is dynamic, always beginning with the format appearing most commonly in your set of results and descending through all relevant formats in order of frequency. While only formats present in your search results will appear in this filter group, the following list includes all currently available formats:

Book Chapters
Conference Proceedings
Text Resources
Reference Entries
Web Resources
Archival Material
Government Documents

This filter can be used to narrow your results down to items located in a specific library or in multiple library locations. For instance, selecting "New College Library (Ivey)" will narrow your results to only those books in this library location.  

  Library filter menu showing New College Library selected.

Click to the left of a location to select it. Click to the right to exclude it.


This filter lists the Subject Headings each source in your results list has been tagged with. Subjects are listed in order of prominence within your results.

LibrarySearch uses a combination of Library of Congress, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and subject tags from article databases. Search results can be narrowed through the selection or exclusion of multiple subject headings.

 Subject filter showing the subject Transgender People selected.

Click to the left of a heading to select it. Click to the right to exclude it.

Publication Date

Input a specific date range and select "Refine". 

Language The University of Toronto Libraries purchases material in more than 300 languages. This filter lists all languages represented in your search results.

Options include principal authors, corporate authors, and government agencies.

Author creator filter showing the author Scott Alan Kugle selected.

Click to the left of a heading to select it. Click to the right to exclude it.

New to the Library

This filter is a great way to keep up to date on the newest items added to the library collection.

New to the library filter showing the filter New from last week selected

Click to the left of a heading to select it. Click to the right to exclude it.