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LibrarySearch Tips

A guide to the University of Toronto Libraries' LibrarySearch platform

Basic Search

Basic Search is a simple interface that allows you to enter and search any word or phrase.

Basic search interface with the search box highlighted

As soon as you start typing in the search box, a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to choose the kind of search you prefer. Currently these options are as follows:

Basic search for the phrase Marsha P Johnson highlighting drop-down menu options everything or catalogue

Choose the option that best reflects your research or information need. 

Everything Select this option for results that include articles, books, and other materials owned or licensed by U of T.
Catalogue Select this option for results that exclude articles. This option narrows your results. 

Entering Key Terms

The search you enter can be very simple, without using any expert techniques.

Basic search interface with the two word phrase Stonewall riots entered

If you are a more experienced researcher, Basic Search also allows you to use search operators that broaden or narrow your results.

Basic search interface with more complex search including Stonewall riots in quotations and Marsha P Johnson in quotations with both phrases separated by the world and in all caps

If you would like to learn more about using "search operators" to improve your results, visit the Using Search Operators page of this guide or book a consultation with a librarian.

If you would like additional options to help you narrow your search to the most relevant results, select Advanced Search.

Basic search interface highlighting location of Advanced Search button to the right of the search box