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LibrarySearch Tips

A guide to the University of Toronto Libraries' LibrarySearch platform

Save Searches and Create Alerts

Saving a Search

Each effective search you create can be saved and rerun at a later time. Just click the Save Query feature circled below.

Search result page highlighting a sample search for the phrase "Indigenous writes".

Selecting Save Query will prompt the page to refresh and a yellow banner will appear with the message: "The search was saved to your favorites".

Creating Alerts

If you would like to receive an email notification of any updates to your search results, click on the "Turn on notification for this query" option in the yellow banner when it appears. Once you set up this notification, you will receive a weekly email providing a link to a list of new results.

The yellow Save Query banner highlighting the Turn on notification feature and the Save Query button joined by an arrow.

Any searches yous save using the Save Query feature are stored in My Favourites where you can set up an RSS feed, manage notifications, and delete your saved search if necessary. 

The Saved Searches section of My Favourites with the number 1 indicating the RSS feed option, a number to indicating the manage notifications option, and number 3 indicating the delete saved search option.