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A guide to the University of Toronto Libraries' LibrarySearch platform

Shelf Browse

Shelf browsing is a way to locate books on similar topics. If you locate a book in person, the items surrounding it on the shelf are often describing elements of the same topic. This is a good way to find relevant sources that may not have appeared in your search results. 

Within LibrarySearch, the Shelf Browse feature allows you to expand your sources in a similar way by displaying items located immediately next to or very near a title of interest. 

Using Shelf Browse

To use this browsing feature, open the detailed record of any book and locate the Shelf Browse option in the menu on the far left.

Detailed record of the book Anthropocene with the Shelf Browse menu option highlighted.

Selecting the Shelf Browse menu option will bring your view down to the Shelf Browse interface where you can click on any item to learn more and use the arrow icons to move backwards or forwards on the digital shelf. 

Shelf Browse interface with the left and right browsing arrows highlighted.

Please note: This Shelf Browse feature is not the same tool as the Browse feature located in the top navigation bar.