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Research Guides

MUS210: Music in Film

This guide supports the research components of MUS210: Music in Film.

Assignment Requirements for Films

The assignments in this course require you to select films from a particular time period:

  • Cue List - Select any movie (preferably a recent one that you have seen previously)
  • Film comparison 1 - Select a second movie, one from the period 1895-1950 (Takes 1-4) which has at least two points in common with the first.
  • Film comparison 2 - Select a third movie, this one from the period 1950-1980 (Takes 5-8) but which also has at least two points in common with the first two movies.
  • Film comparison 3 - Select a fourth movie from the period 1980-present (Takes 9-11) which has at least two points in common with the first three movies.

There are two ways to search for films:

1) Use the lists and tools below to search for film by year, but be aware that not all the films are necessarily available online. Look up the titles in the UofT Libraries Catalogue or check the resources on the Streaming/Media Services Page. Be sure to contact your librarians (Tim - Music, Kate - Film) or our Ask A Librarian Online Chat for help.

2) Search directly in Online Streaming collections found on the Streaming/Media Services Page


Wikipedia - Lists of Films

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Apply the specific date ranges provided for the assignment (or a single date) to browse films in Release Date Section.

screenshot IMdB advance search - Release date filter


Sort your results using the Display Options tool.

Screenshot - IMdB Display option tool