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Industrial Relations & Human Resources Library

A guide to resources available through the Industrial Relations/Human Resources Library and the University of Toronto Library System

Film and Video Resources

Click here for Videos and DVDs available at the CIRHR Library.


Selected Videos and DVDs

Labour Arbitration Videos in the CIRHR Library

  • The Art & Science of Labour Arbitration (College of Labor and Employment Lawyers)
  • The Grievance Arbitration Process (Centre for Industrial Relations, University of Toronto, 1975)
  • The Labour Arbitration Process (Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University, 1993)
  • A Labour Arbitration Case Study: The Suspension of Nurse Kevin (Penn State University & National Academy of Arbitrators, 2011)
  • Arbitration: Understanding the Process (Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association, 2009)

Link to the Media Commons at the University of Toronto website

Online video resources available from the Media Commons: A growing number of online video resources is now offered by UofT Libraries, available for classroom and individual streaming when logged in with your UTORID. Individual title records are available in the Library catalogue.


"The Labor Film Database lists nearly 2,000 films and videos, searchable by title, director, actors and/or keywords (see search window at right). We’ve also categorized the database (at right, below “Categories”) and you can check out our tag cloud (also at right) to make it easier to find films and videos about the topics you’re interested in. Many of the entries also include trailers and film stills."

Categories include: Highly Recommended Labor Films; Labor Film Festivals; New/Just Added; Available Online; Genre; Occupation/Type of Work; Themes


From the U of T Media Commons Website: National Film Board of Canada's catalogue and online video distribution resource.  Please note that on-line works streamed through are available for use free of charge in classrooms at the three UofT campuses.  NFB items marked "Campus" are available to UofT users through a special agreement.

"The National Film Board (NFB) is a public agency that produces and distributes films and other audiovisual works which reflect Canada to Canadians and the rest of the world."

  • Explore NFB films about Work and Labour Relations here.
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