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Research Guides

Foreign government information

A guide to major print and electronic foreign government information prepared by Sam-chin Li, University of Toronto Libraries.

Finding Books & Articles

It can be quite a challenge to locate foreign government publications in our Library

Subject search would not work in most of the cases as many of our catalogue records for foreign countries materials are old, brief and without subject headings. Keywords searches is next to impossible unless you are familiar with the vernacular languages. While most of the materials are in storage, browsing is not an option.

Finding books

Tips for finding foreign government publication by using the Library Catalogue: 

1. Author search: enter the name of the country and choose your title from a browse list 

2. Combined author and library search can make a long hit list more manageable. However, Downsview collection is not included in the result of a Robarts Library search 

3. Call number search: enter a CODOC country code (click to the CODOC country code link in the box below to find the code for the country) , add the number "1" after the Code and do a call number search in the Library catalogue

4. Title search: check in more than one way for known item search or start with secondary sources to find the exact spelling of the title


Finding articles