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Slavic and East European Resources

This guide includes annotated links to selected electronic resources, such as online library catalogues, archival guides, digital collections, dictionaries and encyclopedias, databases, e-journals, and search engines.


The European Library 

The European library is a web portal of national libraries in Europe. Presently, 48 national libraries are listed. The European Library provides access to more than 24 million pages. The portal is divided into several sections. The collections section describes all materials available in the European Library. The treasures section provides access to valuable historical collections, digitized and searchable by country. The website has not been updated since December 2016.


National Library of Albania

The National Library is the largest library in Albania. Its collections (c. 1,000,000 items) include over 2,000 old prints and early manuscripts in Albanian, Greek and Latin. The website is available in Albanian and the online catalogue is available in Albanian, English and French.


The National Library of Belarus [Natsyianalnaia bibliiateka Belarusi]

The National Library of Belarus is the major library of the Republic of Belarus. The electronic catalogue, available in Russian and English, gives access to basic and advanced search options. General catalogues are available in Belarusian and Russian while alphabetical catalogues are available in Ukrainian and Polish. The catalogue interface is available in Belarusian, Russian, and English.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina [Nacionalna i univerzitetska biblioteka Bosne i Hercegovine]

The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina is open to the academic community and the general public. It was established in October 1945 and over time the library has accumulated about 3 million items, including approximately 6,000 periodicals, and 3,000 manuscripts and old and rare printed books.



National academic library-information system. Online catalogue and access to scientific resources in Bulgaria available.

Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” is the first academic and the largest scientific library in Bulgaria.

The St. Cyril and St. Methodius National Library [Narodna Biblioteka sv. sv. Kiril i Metodii]

The St. Cyril and St. Methodius National Library is the National Library of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the largest library in Bulgaria and the country's oldest cultural institution. As the largest scientific library in Bulgaria the National Library has a high level collection of scholarly literature in the humanities and sciences.


National and University Library, Zagreb [Nacionalna i sveucilisna knjiznica u Zagrebu]

The National and University Library is one of the central cultural institutions in Croatia. It is responsible for collection development of all Croatian publications and information provision about the national printed and written heritage, acting as a centre for study of Croatian culture. The Library's website provides access to its online catalogue and to the digitized version of the Croatian national bibliography (from 2005).

The Old Church Slavonic Institute (Staroslavenski institut), Zagreb

The Old Church Slavonic Institute (Staroslavenski institute, STIN) is a public institute founded in 1952. A specialized library, it has a collection of prints, microfilms and CD's, of almost all important Croatian Glagolitic and some other European medieval sources. The scholars of STIN study the medieval period of the Croatian language and literature. Current research projects include grammar of the Croatian Church Slavonic Language; compilation of a dictionary of the Croatian Redaction of Church Slavonic; Croatian and European Medieval Literature; digitization of sources in Glagolitic Paleography.

Czech Republic

National Library of the Czech Republic [Narodni knihovna Ceske Republiky]

The National Library is one of the oldest public libraries in the Czech Republic with collections of a size far outranking any other library in the country. The electronic catalogue of the National Library and other databases built by the library allow access to the library collections in the internet environment. The library also builds the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic in the electronic form as an aid in finding documents in collections of other Czech libraries.


Estonian Libraries

The website has links to all libraries in Estonia. They are arranged by the following categories: University libraries, libraries of other higher educational institutions, special libraries, and public libraries. The search interface is in English.

The National Library of Estonia [Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu]

The National Library of Estonia is the custodian of the national memory and heritage, the centre of Estonian literature and national bibliography, the most valuable information provider for the legislative body and other constitutional institutions, it is a centre of library and information sciences, a site for the continuing education of librarians, a cultural centre.


The National Library of Finland [Kansalliskirjasto]

The National Library functions as a service and development centre for Finnish libraries with a duty to promote both national and international co-operation. It is also responsible for acquiring and preserving the national heritage in form of publications as well as maintaining its collections of research material and for providing access to them.


The National Szechenyi Library [Orszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar]

The National Szechenyi Library is the national library of Hungary. Our main task is to collect, process, and preserve all the written heritage of Hungary and all documents pertaining to it. The collection of Hungarica (all the books and other documents published in Hungary, and publications related to Hungary or to Hungarians published abroad) is to be carried out continuously to the fullest extent possible and these materials are to be available for the users.


The National Library of Latvia [Latvijas Nacionala Biblioteka]

The electronic catalogue of the National Library of Latvia holds all bibliographic descriptions of the documents in Latvian and foreign languages which have been uploaded into the electronic catalog after 1996 and in Russian after 2000. The search is available in Latvian and English.


Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania [Lietuvos Nacionaline Martyno Mazvydo biblioteka]

Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania is a principal Lithuanian research library open to the public and is simultaneously functioning as a parliamentary library.The National Library of Lithuania has carried out the functions of a national library since its launch and especially after it became a legal deposit library in 1936. The total number of holdings exceeds 7 million volumes. The website is in Lithuanian and English. The search is available in Lithuanian and English.


St. Kliment Ohridski National and University Library [Narodna i univerzitetska biblioteka “Sv. Kliment Ohridski]

St. Kliment Ohridski National and University Library is the national and central library headquarters of the Republic of Macedonia. The library collection comprises 3,000,000 items including 730,000 monographs and 1,370,000 volumes of periodicals and other printed material.


National Library of Moldova [Biblioteca Nationala a Republicii Moldova]

The library is the legal repository of materials printed in Moldova. In addition, since 1992 the library has enjoyed privileges of legal repository for materials printed in Romania. The collections of the library consist primarily of books (2,516,346 volumes), which represent over 60% of its holdings. The library website and the online catalogue are in Romanian only.


Central National Library of the Republic of Montenegro [Djurdje Crnojevic - Cetinje]

Central National Library of the Republic of Montenegro is the major library of Montenegro. It houses over 1,500,000 titles and the collection is constantly growing. The library also has many geographical and historical maps and atlases, postcards and photographs, albums, and manuscripts.

Poland - A. Library Portals

Electronic Library (EBIB) [Elektroniczna BIBlioteka (EBIB)]

Electronic Library serves as a comprehensive library directory, providing links to all major libraries and digital collections in Poland. Users can browse and search the content according to numerous criteria, e.g. the type or location of a library. In addition, the EBIB website provides links to major Polish collections outside Poland.

Poland - B. National Libraries

National Library of Poland [Bilblioteka Narodowa (BN)]

National Library of Poland [Bilblioteka Narodowa (BN)] With more than 8 million items in its collections the National Library in Warsaw is one of the largest in Poland. Especially valuable are the collections of manuscripts, old prints and maps. In addition, the library holds the nation’s largest collection of microforms. The library website is available in Polish and English.

The Ossolinski National Institute [Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich (Ossolineum)]

The Ossolinski National Institute Library is a direct heir of the Ossolisnki Library in Lviv, where it had its headquarters until the WWII. The war, occupation and change of borders determined the fate of the library. What used to be a single collection is now divided between the Ossolinski National Institute and the V. Stefanyk Lviv Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Ossolinski Library has more than 1,660,000 items in its collections.

Poland - C. Academic Libraries

Poznan University Library [Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Poznaniu]

The University Library in Poznan is one of the biggest academic libraries in Poland. Its collections comprise more than 4,8 million items. The library website is currently available in Polish and in English. Library catalogues are available only in Polish.

The Czartoryski Library in Krakow [Biblioteka xx Czartoryskich w Krakowie]

The Czartoryski Library in Krakow treasures one of the most valuable library collections in Poland. The library has more than 300 incunabula, more than 70,000 old prints (many of them are the only known surviving copies) and more than 13,500 manuscripts. The library also has a unique collection of the 16th century prints, books and manuscripts dealing with the history, culture and politics of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The number of items in this collection exceeds 224,000.

The Jagiellonian Library [Biblioteka Jagiellonska]

The Jagiellonian Library is the oldest library in Poland. Its history is tightly bound to the history of the Jagiellonian University, established in Krakow in the 14th century. The library preserves more than 6 million items in its collections. Especially valuable are collections of 30,000 manuscripts and c. 106,000 incunabula and old prints, many of them extremely unique. Since the end of the WWII the Jagiellonian Library has preserved a very valuable part of the Prussian State Library.

The Kornik Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences [Biblioteka Kornicka Polskiej Akademii Nauk]

The Kornik Library is famous for its world class collection of manuscripts (more than 15,000) and old prints (more than 30,000). Among the old prints there are many works that exist only in one copy and among the manuscripts there are valuable autographs of Napoléon Bonaparte, Frédéric Chopin, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Slowacki, Cyprian Kamil Norwid etc. The total number of items in the library exceeds 350,000.

University of Warsaw Library [Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Warszawie]

The University Library in Warsaw is one of the three biggest academic libraries in Poland. The collections exceed 2.8 million volumes and include more than 1.8 million books, 686,277 journals and 387,000 manuscripts, old prints and cartographic materials.


The Central University Library of Bucharest [Biblioteca Centrala Universitara din Bucuresti (BCU)]

The Central University Library was established in 1895 and it serves as a major academic library in Romania. During the Romanian Revolution of 1989 more than 500,000 books and 3,700 manuscripts were destroyed in a fire. Currently the library collections consist of more than 1.8 million volumes.

The National Library of Romania [Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei]

The National Library of Romania houses around 9 million bibliographic units. The wealth of the National Library includes also incunabula and old Romanian and foreign rare books by famous printers: Mentelin, Guy Marchant, Pruess, Frobenius, Manutius, Elzevier, Feodoroff, Plantin, etc. Also of outstanding value are the collections of manuscripts, prints, maps, rare records and music scores, photographs, ex-librises and historical documents.

Russia (Federation)

National Library of Russia (Saint Petersburg) [Rossiiskaia natsionalnaia biblioteka]

The National Library of Russia located in St. Petersburg (also known as the State Public Saltykov-Shchedrin Library) is the oldest public library in Russia. It houses more than 34 million items and has numerous collections such as Asian and European collections, European periodicals, Rossica, etc. The library has many electronic and card catalogues. The site includes online catalogues, access to selected digital collections, and virtual exhibitions. The interface available is in Russian and English.

Russian State Library (Moscow) [Rossiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka]

Russian State Library (former Leninka) is the national library of Russia located in Moscow. It houses more than 43 million items. The library has numerous divisions like Rare Books, Archives, Audiovisual and Electronic Documents, Periodicals, Manuscripts, and Dissertations. The interface available is in Russian and English, but for searching the Russian font is required. The United Electronic Catalogue allows a reader to search in all catalogues.


National Library of Serbia [Narodna Biblioteka Srbije]

The collections of the National Library of Serbia consist of more than 5 million items and this number has been growing by up to 75,000 items per year. The collections include books in Serbian and other languages of former Yugoslavia printed after 1868 as well as books in foreign languages printed after 1700. Periodical collection contains periodicals from Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia and abroad. Manuscript collections contain handwritten books from 12th to 18th century, mostly Serbian and small numbers of Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian editions as well as incunabula and old Serbian printed books from 1494 to 1638.The website of the library is in Serbian and English. This website has online catalogs available for searching in many languages.

Slovak Republic

The Slovak National Library [Slovenska narodna kniznica]

The Slovak National Library is the major library of the country. Its collection comprises 3,700,000 monographs and serials. The most valuable part of the collection consists of approximately 1,200,000 old prints and manuscripts, among which there are more than 500 incunabula and some 9,000 documents from the 16th century. The library currently subscribes to 1668 Slovak and 540 foreign periodicals. The Online Catalogues are available in Slovak and English.


National and University Library of Slovenia [Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica]

The National and University Library is the major national library and its collection consists of 2,200,000 bound volumes, several hundred modern and ancient manuscripts (the oldest dating from the 9th century), over 500 early prints. The library also preserves numerous cartographic and pictorial materials, government documents, sound recordings, grey literature, dissertations, etc. The library currently subscribes to 3,200 periodicals, of which more than half are foreign language titles. Online catalogues are available in English, French, and German. In addition, the library provides free access to the Slovenian National Bibliography from its website.


Kharkiv University Central Scientific Library [Tsentralna naukova biblioteka]

Kharkiv State University Central Scientific Library is one of the largest libraries in Ukraine. The Library was founded together with Kharkiv University in 1805. It has a rich collection of books, journals as well as rare publications. The interface and online catalogue are available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Scientific Library of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy [Naukova biblioteka NaUKMA]

Scientific Library of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the major scientific library of Ukraine. The library was established at the re-opened University in 1992. It houses over 450 000 volumes and it also consists of many electronic resources, rare books, and archives. The interface and catalogues are in Ukrainian and English.

Stefanyk Scientific Library in Lviv [Lvivska naukova biblioteka imeni Vasylia Stefanyka NAN Ukrainy]

Stefanyk Scientific Library in Lviv is one of the major scientific libraries of Ukraine. The library was founded in 1940 but it has an extensive collection of books starting from the XVI century. The library has more than seven million items including a rich collection of Ukrainian and foreign periodicals of XIX-XX centuries. A very important part of the collection is old manuscripts and historical maps. The interface and catalogs are in Ukrainian and English.

V. I. Vernads’kyi National Library of Ukraine [Natsionalna biblioteka Ukrainy imeni Vernadskoho]

The Vernadsky National Library is the major library of Ukraine. The collection contains more than 15 million items and the site provides access to all library catalogues. This is also the comprehensive source on many scientific journals and periodicals that are searchable by keyword and author in Ukrainian. In addition, links to all libraries, academic institutions, and institutions of Higher education in Ukraine are provided. The site also provides useful links to different Ukrainian electronic libraries, media sources, encyclopedias, and dictionaries.