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Research Guides

Slavic and East European Resources

This guide includes annotated links to selected electronic resources, such as online library catalogues, archival guides, digital collections, dictionaries and encyclopedias, databases, e-journals, and search engines.


Bibliographies by the Slavic and East European Library at the University of Illinois

This is a helpful resource created at the Slavic and East European Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It provides the detailed description of major bibliographic resources for every country of the region. The guide has full descriptions of bibliographies of bibliographies, national bibliographies, periodical bibliographies of the countries.

Bibliography of Folklore Studies

The Bibliography of Folklore Studies (IVB) (from 1985 to 1998) offers access to monographs and articles, previously available only in print. In cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volksunde (DGV) and the University of Bremen,EVIFA makes the IVB data available online.

Bibliography of Slavic Publications from German Journals (1876-1983)

This online bibliography was converted from the print version and contains about 17,000 records. The portal is directed to scholars and students, teachers, translators, journalists, cultural managers and all those, who are interested in Slavic languages, Slavic literatures, and Slavic folklore.

Herder Institute Database

This database includes monographs, journal articles and contributions to collective volumes, international evidence on the history and geography of East Central Europe compiled by the Herder Institute in Marburg, Germany, in cooperation with partner institutes in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe - Institute of the Leibniz Association is one of the foremost institutions of historic Central and East European research in Germany.

Old Believers in North America: Online web Bibliography

The web bibliography describes works scholarly and popular; print, audio, visual, and web-based; and including museum and archival collections.

Virtual Library of Eastern Europe

ViFaOst is a portal for Eastern European Studies, which provides an access to specialized academic information on history, language, literature, politics and culture of Eastern, Central Eastern and South Eastern European countries and regions.


SEELRC: Webliograpies is created at the Slavic and East European Language Centre at Duke University. It consists of bibliographies organized by country and by subject. Albanian, Belorussian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian are included.



Bibliographic Database "Linguistic Belorusistika"

The database contains over 10,000 bibliographic records of monographs, thesis abstracts, proceedings of scholarly activities, encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, and teaching aids for schools. The database focuses on the study of linguistics (phonetics, morphology, syntax) and offers access to documents on language policy, the history and current state of the Belarusian language, as well as materials about the activities of Belarusian linguists and scientific institutions in the field of foreign languages.

The National Bibliography of Belarus

This resource provides bibliographic information about national documents of Belarus kept in institutional repositories in Belarus and abroad (from 1517 to present day) and promotes documentary heritage of Belarus internationally. The website is available in Russian, Belarusian and English.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina Catalogue

The library catalogs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro have a common interface and structure. This is a result of the large project which aims to share cataloguing information. The search interface is available in Serbo-Croatian and English languages. Catalogues of Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the system since 1989.


Bulgarian Catalogues

The Cyrill and St. Methodius National Library website provides access to five catalogues: a catalogue of Bulgarian and foreign books, a union catalogue of foreign periodicals from 1984 to the present which are held in 182 Bulgarian libraries, a union catalogue of foreign scholarly books from 1995 to the present which are held in 25 libraries in Sofia, articles from Bulgarian journals, and Bulgarian and foreign periodicals. Users have to use Cyrillic to search the catalogues unless they search for publications in non-Cyrillic languages.


Catalogues and Bibliographies

A number of catalogues can be found on the website of the National and University Library in Zagreb. It includes online catalogue of the National Library (Katalog NSK), digitized card catalogues, the electronic version of the Croatian national bibliography, and electronic resources. The search interface is available in Croatian and English.

Staroslavenski institut

An online catalogue for the Staroslavenski institut (Old Church Slavonic Institute) located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Czech Republic

Czech Bibliographic Database

The goal of the project is to gather information about and reviews of books published in the Czech language and to provide updates about the world of book. The database includes over 82, 000 books and over 36,000 authors.

Bibliography before 1945

The Bibliography before 1945 is a retrospective bibliography of Czech literature from 1770 to 1945. The bibliography consists of 530 periodical titles in Czech or German, for example, Bohemia, Cechische Revue, Prager Presse.

Bibliography from 1961

The bibliography of Czech Literary Studies and Czech Studies consists of publications published in Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic. The bibliography shows a rich picture of Czech literary studies. The bibliography includes literary studies yearbooks 1961-1980, bibliographical material 1981-1989, and bibliography from 1990 to the present. The bibliography contains publications in literary critics, literary theory, and many literary journals.

Bibliography of Exile (1948-1989)

The Bibliography of Exile consist of many bibliographic records of 1400 books, which were published by Czech exiles in 1948-1989. The bibliography also contains bibliographic records to many journals published by Czech exiles.

Catalogues of the Czech National Library

A collection of 15 catalogues and databases of the National Library.


Estonian Catalogue

All new publications are listed in the online catalogue ESTER. Users can search by title, author, and publisher.

Retrospective National Bibliography

The majority of holdings of the retrospective national bibliography have been available in the online database ERB.


Publications in Finnish

The catalogue describes Finnish-language books and other items, held in the National Library of Russia. It includes books published prior to 2002.


Hungarian Scholar Database

The largest Hungarian database containing scientific journals, encyclopedias, newpapers and series. The search engine is in Hungarian and English.

Hungarian National Bibliography

National bibliographic sources (1711- ), until now only available in print, are now accessible online under a unified interface. Hungarica includes: works published within the borders of Hungary at a given time, in any language; works in Hungarian published outside the borders of Hungary; works written by Hungarian authors, published in any country and in any language; and works with a Hungarian aspect.

The National Széchényi Library catalogs

This is a collection of valuable Hungarian catalogs.


Latvian Catalogues

Electronic Union Catalogue of the Libraries of National Importance comprises catalogues of many libraries in Latvia such as the electronic catalogue of the National Library of Latvia or electronic catalogue of Library of the University of Latvia. The search interface is in Latvian and English.


Catalogues of the National Library

Catalogues of the National Library comprise essential national databases and catalogues such as the online catalogue of the National Library,the Union Catalogue of the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS), the National Bibliographic Data Bank, the bibliographic database of articles from Lithuanian periodicals and a few others.


Macedonian Catalogues

This website contains links to Macedonian online catalogues namely the Online Public Access Catalog of the National Library and COBIB.MK (Vzaemna bibliografsko-katalozna baza), a union catalog of Macedonian libraries. Both catalogues has the same interface as parts of the COBISS system. The search interface available in Macedonian and English and allows search by keyword, subject, title, author, and ISSN/ISBN.


Digital Bibliography of Montenegro 1494-1994 (Digitalizovana crnogorska bibliografija 1494-1994)

The National Library of Montenegro offers a digitized and searchable version of the published issues of the Montenegrin Bibliography. The records contained span half a millennium starting in 1494 (the first printed Cyrillic book in this part of Europe) and finishing in 1994. During the selection of the material three criteria were applied: territorial, national, and subject.



Polish Literary Bibliography for the years 1988-2000

Polish Literary Bibliography is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource on Polish literature, theory of literature, theory of literature, information on writers, theater and theatrical life, film, art directors, and Polish actors. The website provides access to the list of subjects, authors, and periodicals. The search interface is in Polish and English.

Polish National Bibliography

The National Library of Poland provides an access to online bibliographies of books, periodicals, journal articles, digital documents, cartographic documents, and sound recorded documents.



Romanian National Bibliography Retrospective Book

A work of national interest, this database describes and systematizes texts printed on Romanian territory between the years 1508 and 1918. It represents all books published in Romanian, regardless of the author and place, and books by Romanian authors, regardless of language and place of occurrence.

Russia (Federation)

Catalogue of Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian Journals/Serials

Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian Journals/Serials catalogue consists of journals, periodicals and other series which have been published in Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian since 1728 to the present, held by the National Library of Russia. Also, the catalogue includes records for materials on microform.

English-Language Primary Sources for the Study of Soviet History

This is a valuable resource for those who study Soviet history developed by Terry Martin, a Professor of Russian Studies at Harvard University. It is a highly selective collection of bibliographies organized by subject. The resource is a rich collection of bibliographies of primary sources organized by the following categories: documents, writing of party leaders, newspapers and journals, pamphlets and booklets, biographies, travelers’ accounts, and foreign diplomatic sources.

International Union Catalogue of Russian Books (1918 - 1926)

The catalogue consists of bibliographic descriptions for published by the state, cooperative and private publishers in Russia from 1918 to 1926. Also, the catalogue includes details on publications produced by the “White Movement” and the Russian diaspora. The catalogue describes holdings in the National Library of Russia and holdings of over 500 libraries worldwide. The catalogue contains of bibliographic details for over 110,000 items.

Online Russian Catalogues

This is the online version of the card catalogue of the National Library of Russia. The library has one of the largest collections in the country. It was a depository library during the in the 19th century and during the Soviet time, so it has a broad listing of Russia’s publications.


Virtual Library of Serbia

A bibliographic catalogue database provides access to the data contributed by over 150 Serbian libraries. It includes 55,000 links to e-resources, 1, 6 million books, 780,000 articles, 70,000 journals, 190,000 non-book material, and other materials.


Bibliography of Almanacs, Yearbooks and Miscellanea 1701-1918

This bibliography contains over 6,000 bibliographic entries from periodicals, including almanacs, yearbooks, and anthologies, which were printed in 1701-1918 on the territory of Slovakia. The bibliography is interdisciplinary, documenting scientific, social and literary activities of associations, institutions and individuals.


The Slovenian National Bibliography

The Slovenian National Bibliography consists of bibliographic records from 1989 to the present.


National Bibliography of Ukraine

An extensive list of Ukrainian bibliographic publications, starting with pre-Soviet Ukrainian language publications.