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Research Guides

CIN201: Film Cultures 1: Art & Industry

A comprehensive guide to for finding the best primary source materials (1895-1968) for your Cinema Studies assignment.

Important for Citing Primary Sources

You & Your Sources - Primary Sources Modules 

  • Access You & Your Sources Modules through your CIN201 Quercus
  • These modules on writing and citing with primary source materials and research platforms (Media History Digital Library and Internet Archive). 

Record the Following Information for Citations

It's important that you record the information needed so someone else (e.g., your TAs) can find the information used in your assignment. 

  • Title of the Document / Image
    • For advertisements and images, you may have to create a title. 
  • Title of the Publication
    • Remember to record the title of the publication in which your article, image, etc. was found, and that this title must be italicized. 
  • Date of Publishing 
    • Year and if available month and day (May 5) 
      • Newspapers are printed daily so you should have the exact date
      • Magazines could be printed weekly, monthly or over a range of time (e.g., quarterly, bi-weekly) 
      • You may need to flip to the publications cover to find this info, but also look at the header or footer of the page
  • Volume and Issue 
    • The digital copies of these publications can group all the magazines published in one year and this is often called a volume
    • Each published magazine is assigned an issue number or specify the month or season (e.g., Fall, Winter) when it was printed to keep track
    • Newspapers don't typically have volume and issues numbers since they are published daily. 
  • Page Numbers 
    • Page numbers in newspapers may also include Letter to mark the section of the newspaper (e.g., A12) 

Citing Images and Adverstiments 

Citation Tools

1) Help with citation style and formatting 

a) Library Support

b) MLA (Modern Language Association) 8th Edition - Resources 

c) Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style - CMS) 17th Edition - Resources 


2. Citation Tools 

ALWAYS double check the citations formatted by these tools because they aren't always accurate and the responsibility falls on you to double check. 

a) Citation Machines

Citation machines (also known as citation generators) allow you to input citation elements for your source, and generate a citation in any one of several standard formats.

  • Cite This For Me (formerly RefME)   Automatically generate citations, in over 7,500 reference styles, by entering ISBN, book/article title, or author's name. Smartphone app (iOS and Android) also available--scan a book's barcode to generate a citation.
  • Citation Builder | NCSU Libraries  Citation Builder is a free citation creator for APA, MLA, Chicago, and CSE/CBE styles.
  • BibMe  BibMe is a free automatic citation creator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting.
  • Referencing @ Portsmouth  From Portsmouth University. Very easy to use, enables referencing in both APA and Vancouver style, and at least you'll be consistent!

b) Citation Managers 

Explore the range of citation managers available for you to save your citation info and format in-text citations and bibliographies 

Book an appointment with Kate to set up a citation manager for Word or Google Docs: