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Slavic and East European Resources

This guide includes annotated links to selected electronic resources, such as online library catalogues, archival guides, digital collections, dictionaries and encyclopedias, databases, e-journals, and search engines.

E-Journals available through UTL E-Resources

Baltic Region - Journal of Baltic Studies

The Journal of Baltic Studies, the official journal of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS), is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal for the purpose of advancing the accumulation of knowledge about all aspects of the Baltic Sea region' political, social, economic, and cultural life, past and present. Preference is given to original contributions that are of general scholarly interest.

General - Austrian History Yearbook

Founded in 1965 by R. John Rath, the Austrian History Yearbook remains the only English-language peer-reviewed journal devoted to the history of the territories in Central Europe that were formerly under Habsburg rule and now comprise the modern states of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and parts of Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.

General - Canadian Slavonic Papers

Canadian Slavonic Papers is an interdisciplinary journal of the Canadian Association of Slavists. The journal is dedicated to political science, history, language and literature, the arts, economics, sociology, anthropology, and geography of Central and Eastern Europe. The journal is available through UTL E-resources.

General - Central European History

Central European History offers articles, review essays, and book reviews that range widely through the history of Germany, Austria, and other German-speaking regions of Central Europe from the medieval era to the present. All topics and approaches to history are welcome, whether cultural, social, political, diplomatic, intellectual, economic, and military history, as well as historiography and methodology.

General - Cold War History

Cold War History is based in the Cold War Studies Center at the London School of Economics. It aims to make available to the general public the results of recent research on the origins and development of the Cold War and its impact on nations, alliances and regions at various levels of statecraft, as well as in areas such as the military and intelligence, the economy, and social and intellectual developments.

General - Communist and Post-Communist Studies

Communist and Post-Communist Studies (formerly Studies in Comparative Communism, and before that Communist Affairs) is an international journal covering all communist and post-communist states and communist movements, including both their domestic policies and their international relations. It is focused on the analysis of historical as well as current developments in the communist and post-communist world, including ideology, economy and society.

General - Cross Currents: A Yearbook of Central European Culture

Cross Currents: a yearbook of Central European Culture is a yearbook devoted to civilization, history, literature, and politics of Central Europe published from 1982 to 1993 (1-9 numbers by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan, and numbers 10-12 by Yale University Press). Simple search, Proximity search, and Boolean search are available.

General - Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe

Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe seeks to provide a radical critical analysis that is sympathetic to democratic, labour, feminist and ecologist movements from contemporary economic, social, cultural and political perspectives and developments in the region bounded by Germany in the west and Russia in the east.

General – Demokratizatsiya

Demokratizatsiya is a scholarly journal devoted to the historical and current political, economic, and social changes in the Soviet Union and its successor states. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online starting 1997 to the present.

General - East European Jewish Affairs

East European Jewish Affairs (formerly Soviet Jewish Affairs) is an interdisciplinary journal which is essential for an understanding of the position and prospects of Jews in the former Soviet Union and the countries of East-Central Europe. It deals with issues in historical perspective and in the context of general, social, economic, political, and cultural developments in the region. The journal includes analytical, in-depth articles; review articles; archival documents; and conference notes.

General - East European Politics & Societies

East European Politics and Societies is a scholarly journal devoted to politics and societies, and economics in Central and Eastern Europe.

General - East European Quarterly

East European Quarterly is an academic journal publishing original contributions in the disciplines of East European history, sociology, economics, politics, and culture. Ceased in 2008.

General - Eastern European Economics

Eastern European Economics publishes research on the economies of Eastern Europe, their experiences under communism and central planning, the process of transition to a market economy, and their current integration into the global economy and into regional economic groupings. Available online to the UTL community from 1964 to the present.

General - Europe-Asia Studies

Europe-Asia Studies (until 1993 Soviet Studies) remains the principal academic journal in the world focusing on the political, social and economic affairs of what were once the Soviet bloc countries, including their history. At the same time, the journal explores the economic, political and social transformation of these countries and the changing character of their relationship with the rest of Europe and Asia.

General - Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas

Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas is a leading German-language scholarly journal of East European history founded in 1936. The journal is published by the Institute for Eastern European Studies (Regensburg, Germany). Most of the articles are in German, but it is common for the journal to have articles in English as well. Volumes 56 and on are available through ProQuest.

General - Journal of Cold War Studies

The end of the Cold War has released a flood of new archival materials and memoirs both in the former Communist world and in Western countries. Declassified documentation and first-hand accounts have enabled scholars to gain a much better understanding of some of the key events of the past century. Journal of Cold War Studies is the first peer-reviewed journal to feature research based on these new sources.

General - Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics

The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics devotes particular attention to the demise of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communist party rule in Eastern Europe, this epochal process of regime change, including in its material contributions from within the affected societies. At the same time, the journal follows the effects of this upheaval on communist parties, ruling and non-ruling, both in Europe and in the wider world.

General - Journal of Modern History

The Journal of Modern History is recognized as the leading American journal for the study of European intellectual, political, and cultural history. The journal's geographical and temporal scope - the history of Europe since the Renaissance - makes it unique: the JMH explores not only events and movements in specific countries, but also broader questions that span particular times and places.

General - Journal of Slavic Military Studies

The Journal of Slavic Military Studies (until 1993 The Journal of Soviet Military Studies) investigates all aspects of military affairs in the Slavic nations of central and eastern Europe in historical and geopolitical context and offers a vehicle for central and eastern European security and military analysts to air their views.

General - Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

Kritika is a scholarly journal devoted to Russian and Eurasian history and culture. The journal often publishes translations of important works by Russian and European scholars. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online starting 2000 to the present.

General - National Identities

National Identities explores the formation and expression of national identity from antiquity to the present day. It examines the role in forging identity of cultural (language, architecture, music, gender, religion, the media, sport, encounters with 'the other' etc.) and political (state forms, wars, boundaries) factors, by examining how these have been shaped and changed over time.

General - Nationalism and Ethnic Politics

Nationalism & Ethnic Politics explores the varied political aspects of nationalism and ethnicity in order to develop more constructive intergroup relations. The journal publishes case studies and comparative and theoretical analysis. It deals with pluralism, ethno-nationalism, irredentism, separatism, and related phenomena, and examines processes and theories of ethnic identity formation, mobilization, conflict and accommodation in the context of political development and 'nation-building'.

General - Nationalities Papers

Nationalities Papers is a scholarly journal dedicated to nationalities issues in Russian and the former Soviet Union Republic and East European Studies. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online from 1972 to the present.

General - Nations and Nationalism

Since the demise of the Soviet Union there has been a proliferation of nationalist and ethnic conflicts. The consequent explosion of interest in ethnicity and nationalism has created an urgent need for systematic study in this field. Nations and Nationalism aims to satisfy this need. As a scholarly, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, it is designed to respond to the rapid growth of research in the study of nationalism and nationalist movements throughout the world.

General - Post-Communist Economies

Post-Communist Economies publishes key research and policy articles in the analysis of post-communist economies. The basic transformation in the past two decades through stabilization, liberalization and privatization has been completed in virtually all of the former communist countries, but despite the dramatic changes that have taken place, the post-communist economies still form a clearly identifiable group, distinguished by the impact of the years of communist rule.

General - Post-Soviet Affairs

Quarterly publication featuring the work of prominent Western scholars on the republics of the former Soviet Union providing exclusive, up-to-the-minute analyses of the state of the economy and society, progress toward economic reform, and linkages between political and social changes and economic developments.

General - Problems of Post-Communism

Problems of Post-Communism features readable analysis, reliable information, and lively debate about the communist and post-communist world, with an emphasis on thoughtful but timely coverage of current economic, political, and international issues. The magazine seeks to serve as a place where scholars from different disciplines may converse with one another and with other serious students of communist and post-communist affairs.

General - Religion, State and Society

Religion, State & Society has a long-established reputation as the leading English-language academic publication focusing on communist and formerly communist countries throughout the world, and the legacy of the encounter between religion and communism. To augment this brief Religion, State & Society has now expanded its coverage to include religious developments in countries which have not experienced communist rule, and to treat wider themes in a more systematic way.

General - Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society

The aim of Rethinking Marxism is to stimulate interest in and debate over the explanatory power and social consequences of Marxian economic, cultural, and social analysis. To that end, journal publishes studies that seek to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory.

General - Review of Central and East European Law

Review of Central and East European Law critically examines issues of legal doctrine and practice in the CIS and CEE regions. An important aspect of this is, for example, the harmonization of legal principles and rules; another facet is the legal impact of the intertwining of domestic economies, on the one hand, with regional economies and the processes of international trade and investment on the other.

General - Scando-Slavica

Scando-Slavica is a peer-reviewed, annual international publication for Slavic and Baltic philology, literature, history and archaeology. It is edited by the Association of Scandinavian Slavists and Baltologists and published with support from the Nordic Publication Committee for Humanities Periodicals. The journal presents articles of a cross-disciplinary nature and is an integral part of the Nordic and Baltic network of research.

General - Slavic & East European Information Resources

Slavic & East European Information Resources serves as a focal point for the international exchange of information in the field of Slavic and East European librarianship. Affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, the journal contains original research, technical developments, and other news about the field, and reviews of books and electronic media.

General - Slavic and East European Journal

The Slavic and East European Journal is a scholarly journal devoted to Slavic languages, literatures, and cultures. JSTOR Coverage from 1957 to 2003 is available through UTL e-resources. Robarts Library has the journal in print and current issues can be found in the Periodical Reading Room on the 4th floor.

General - The Slavic Review

Slavic Review is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, past and present. The journal publishes articles of original and significant research and interpretation, reviews of scholarly books and films, and topical review essays and discussion forums. Slavic Review is an official organ of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

General - Slavonic and East European Review

The Slavonic and East European Review is the journal of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of College London. It covers modern and medieval languages, literature, history, culture, and political science in the area of Slavic and East European Studies.

General - Studies in East European Thought

Studies in East European Thought provides a forum for Western-language writings on philosophy and philosophers who identify with the history and cultures of East and Central Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. The contents include descriptive, critical, comparative, and historical studies of individuals, schools, currents, and institutions whose work and influence are widely regarded in their own environments to be philosophical or provide insight into the socio-cultural conditions of philosophical life in Eastern Europe.

General - Transition Studies Review

Transition Studies Review focuses on transition in Central and Southeast Europe, in Russia, CIS and in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region. Involving at the moment more than 200 internationally renowned members and 56 university Departments, Institutes and Research Centers of the Central and Eastern European University Network (CEEUN), this journal is not only the English scientific "voice" of the network but also an open resource for contributions from scholars, researchers, experts and practitioners working in the following areas: EU enlargement, the European and international economic framework and impact, where it focuses especially on investments, foreign trade, finance, banking, development, insurance, monetary policy, research and innovation, social policies, and juridical studies.

Hungary - Acta Linguistica Hungarica

Acta Linguistica Hungarica is an English-language international journal of linguistics with particular emphasis on discussions of theoretical issues concerning Hungarian and other Finno-Ugric languages.

Russia - Cahiers du Monde russe

Cahiers du Monde russe is an international and interdisciplinary trilingual journal (French, Russian and English) devoted to the history of Russian World. Cahiers du Monde russe covers the political, social, economic and cultural life of the empire from its origins to Russia 1917, and then of the USSR and the various states that have emanated from it.

Russia - Current Digest of the Russian Press, The (formerly The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press)

The Current Digest of the Russian Press presents a selection of Russian-language press materials in English translation. The materials, which are intended for use in teaching and research, presented as documentary materials without elaboration or comment. Full-text issues of the digest are available online through UTL e-resources from 1949 to the present.

Russia - Eurasian Geography and Economics

Eurasian Geography and Economics (formerly Post-Soviet Geography and Economics) is a scholarly journal devoted to economics and geographic issues in the republics of the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and some countries of Asia. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online starting 2002 to the present.

Russia - Nabokov Studies

Nabokov Studies is a refereed journal sponsored by the International Vladimir Nabokov Society. The journal publishes theoretical articles and forums on Vladimir Nabokov.

Russia - Revolutionary Russia

Revolutionary Russia is published twice a year, in June and December, by Study Group on the Russian Revolution of British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES). Launched in 1988, Revolutionary Russia is the first English-language journal to concentrate on the revolutionary period. It is interdisciplinary and international in approach, publishing original research in the fields of history, politics, economics, sociology, literary and intellectual history from scholars throughout the world, including the former Soviet Union.

Russia - Russian Linguistics

Russian Linguistics is an international forum for all scholars working in the field of Slavic linguistics (Russian and other Slavic languages) and its manifold diversity, ranging from phonetics and phonology to syntax and the linguistic analysis of texts (text grammar), including both diachronic and synchronic problems.

Russia - Russian Literature

Russian Literature is a scholarly journal dedicated to special themes of Russian and other Slavic literatures. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online starting 1995 to the present. In English and Russian.

Russia - Russian Politics and Law

Russian Politics and Law contains unabridged translations of articles chiefly from Russian-language publications in the fields of politics, law, public affairs, public administration, and related fields. The materials selected are intended to reflect political and legal developments in the Soviet successor states and to be of interest to those professionally concerned with these fields.

Russia - Russian Review

The Russian Review is a scholarly journal dedicated to the history, literature, culture, politics, and society of the former Russian Empire and former Soviet Union. It is published by Blackwell Publishing. It devoted to the Russian past and present.

Russia - Russian Social Science Review

Russian Social Science Review contains unabridged translations from a wide range of Russian-language publications including Voprosy ekonomiki (Problems of Economics); Voprosy istorii (Problems of History); Voprosy filosofii (Problems of Philosophy); Voprosy psikhologii (Problems of Psychology); Voprosy literatury (Problems of Literature); Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia (Sociological Research); Svobodnaia mysl (Free Thought); Novyi mir (New World); and others.

Russia - Russian Studies in History

Russian Studies in History contains unabridged translations of articles from the following journals: Voprosy istorii (Problems of History); Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta, seriia istorii (Journal of Moscow University, History Series); Novaia i noveishaia istoriia (Modern and Contemporary History); Rodina (Native Land); Otechestvennaia istoriia (National History; formerly Istoriia SSSR); and Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost (The Social Sciences and Modernity).

Russia - Russian Studies in Literature

Russian Studies in Literature publishes translations from the Russian in literary criticism and scholarship, including both contemporary and historical material. Selections are drawn primarily from the following periodicals: Druzhba narodov (Friendship among Peoples), Izvestiia, (News), Kontinent (Continent), Inostrannaia literatura (Foreign Literature), Literaturnaia gazeta (Literary Gazette), Literaturnoe obozrenie (Literary Review), Neva, and Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie (New Literary Review).

Russia - Russian Studies in Philosophy

Russian Studies in Philosophy contains unabridged translations of articles chiefly from the following publications: Voprosy filosofii (Problems of Philosophy); Filosofskie nauki (Philosophical Sciences); Vestnik Moskov-skogo universiteta, seriia filosofii (Moscow University Herald, Philosophy Series); Vestnik Leningradskogo universiteta, seriia ekonomiki, filosofii i prava (Leningrad University Herald, Economics, Philosophy, and Law Series).

Russia - Sibirica: Journal of Siberian Studies

Sibirica: Journal of Siberian Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the region and relations to neighboring areas such as Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and North America. The journal is pan-disciplinary and publishes articles, research reports, conference and book reviews on history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, and environmental studies.

Southern Europe and Balkans - Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies

Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, published with the support of the Association for the Study of Southern Europe and the Balkans (ASSEB). The journal addresses, in a historically and theoretically informed way, the complex geo-political and geo-economic issues facing the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Near East in the light of global developments and, in particular, European integration.

Southern Europe and Balkans - South European Society and Politics

A leading point of reference for scholars of Southern Europe, South European Society & Politics promotes both comparative and inter-disciplinary analyses, as well as offering innovative single country and sub-national studies. The journal acts as a forum for social, economic, cultural, contemporary historical and political approaches to research on the region.

Southern Europe and Balkans - Southeast European and Black Sea Studies

The aim of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies is to establish a line of communication with this area of Europe. Previously isolated from the European mainstream, the Black Sea area is in need of serious comparative study as are the individual countries, lying at the edge of Europe, that make it up. The principal disciplines to be covered by the journal are politics, political economy, international relations and modern history; other disciplinary approaches are accepted as appropriate.

Ukraine - Harvard Ukrainian Studies

Harvard Ukrainian Studies is the journal of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, dedicated to Ukrainian history, literature, and language. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online from 1977 to 2009.

Ukraine - Journal of Ukrainian Studies

Journal of Ukrainian Studies is a scholarly journal devoted to Ukrainian literature, history, language, art, folklore, religion, philosophy, politics, and economics. Full-text issues of the journal are available through UTL e-resources online starting 1997 to the present. In English.

E-Journals in the Open Access

Belarus - Kamunikat

Kamunikat is an extensive collection of Belarusian journals and books. Many full-text issues of the journal are available. A very rich resource for anyone interested in contemporary intellectual thought in Belarus. In Belarusian.

Belarus - Arche

Arche is an independent intellectual bimonthly of political and scientific thought and literature from Belarus and the international sphere. It aslo includes book reviews, criticism, and polemics. Full-text issues of the journal are available online 1998 to the present. In Belarusian.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Duh Bosne

Duh Bosne is a scholarly quarterly publication focusing on the politics, history, and literature of Bosnia-Herzegovina. An index to the journal is available for 2006 and 2007. In Bosnian.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Most

Most is a journal of education, science, and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Full-text issues of the journal are available from 1995 to the present. In Bosnian.

Bulgaria - Bulgaristika

Bulgaristika is a scholarly journal published by the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Full- text issues of the journal are available online starting 2006. In Bulgarian.

Bulgaria - Bulgarski ezik i literatura

Bulgarski ezik i literatura is a bimonthly focusing on Bulgarian language and literature. Full-text issues of the journal are available online starting 1999 to the present. In Bulgarian.

Croatia - HRCAK. Portal of Scholarly Journals of Croatia

HRCAK is the central portal of Croatian scholarly journals.

Croatia - Vijenac

Vijenac is a culture-arts weekly published by Matica Hrvatska. Vijenac is available online in full text from 1999 to the present. The latest issues of the publication are in the Periodical Reading Room on the 4th floor in Robarts Library. In Croatian.

Czech Republic - Electronic Journals

The Digital Archives of the Czech Journals is a project supported by the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. The project was launched in 2001 and it is based on collections of the Institute of the Czech Literature. Provide free accses to the back issues of many important Czech literary journals like Literarni Noviny, Zlata Praha, and Ceska Literatura. In Czech.

Finland - Journal of Finnish Studies

Journal of Finnish Studies is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal of Finnish Studies in the English language. An index of the journal is available online. The latest issues of the journal are in the Periodical Reading Room on the 4th floor in Robarts Library. DL1002. J68 In English.

General - Acta Slavica Iaponica

Acta Slavica Iaponica is an international referred journal published by the Slavic Research Centre at Hokkaido University. Its focus is on 20th-century politics and sociology. Full-text issues are available 1997-2011 and 1983-1996 table of contents only. Robarts has the journal in print from 2003 to the present. Current issues can be found in the Periodical Reading Room on the 4th floor. In Russian and English. DJK1 .A28

General - Bulletin der Deutschen Slavistik

Open access to full-text PDF articles from 1995 and forward. In German.

General - Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage

Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage is an electronic journal produced by the Hilandar Research Library of the Research Centre for Medieval Slavic Studies at the Ohio State University. Full-text issues of the journal are available from April 1997 and to the present.

General - East European Constitutional Review

Since 1992 the East European Constitutional Review (EECR) has covered the challenges and obstacles of postsocialist law and politics. Its aim is to give an in-the-trenches understanding of the dilemmas of postsocialist legal reform and to serve as a vital and lively forum for discussion and debate about pressing issues of the rule of law. The EECR tracks the constitutional development of the region through quarterly offerings of academic articles, roundtables, and symposiums by regional and foreign scholars. The EECR also offers country-by-country updates – regular, balanced, empirical information gathered and presented by local experts. These updates, which map the process of constitutional and legal change, currently cover 19 countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia.

The current issue is available online. All issues from 1992 to 2003 are accessible here.

General - Europe

Russian-language quarterly "Europe" is published by the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs. Despite the general title the journal focuses on the problems of East Central and Eastern Europe mostly from the perspective of political science.

General - Folklorica: Journal of the Slavic and East European Folklore Association

Folklorica is published by the Slavic and East European Association, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta. The journal is available online in full-text format starting from 1996 and to the present. .

General - Forum noveishei vostochnoevropeiskoi istorii i kul'tury

"Forum for Contemporary East European History and Culture" is an interdisciplinary Russian-language web journal published by the Institute for Central and East European Studies of The Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. The journal appears twice per year, since 2004, as a scholarly WWW periodical supplementing printed German-language "Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte."

General - Glossos

“Glossos is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing original, independent research in languages and linguistics.” “Glossos is devoted to the specific needs of Slavic and East European language instructors and learners, as well as the applied and theoretical linguistics communities.” Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 2001 to 2006.

General - InterMarium

InterMarium is an online journal published by the East Central European Center of Columbia University. InterMarium provides an electronic medium for noteworthy scholarship about the history and politics of Central and Eastern Europe following World War II.

General - Spaces of Identity

“Spaces of Identity” is a multidisciplinary international web-journal dedicated to issues of tradition, cultural boundaries, and identity formation in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the journal is to include rather than to exclude various scholarly approaches and points of view, thus the journal presents research from several disciplines: history, sociology, and political science, as well as literature, linguistics, ethnology, cultural anthropology, cultural geography, cultural studies, film studies and gender studies.

General - Studies in Slavic Cultures

Studies in Slavic Cultures (SISC) is a scholarly, illustration-friendly journal published by members of the Slavic Department at the University of Pittsburgh, with support from the Center for Russian and East European Studies. SISC consists entirely of analytical articles by graduate students, appears annually, and is devoted to Slavic culture.

General - The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies is an online international social sciences journal devoted to the armed forces and power institutions of post-Soviet societies. The journal's focus is the comparative and multi-disciplinary study of the structures and forces that make up the security systems, administrations and institutions employing armed personnel in all the Republics of the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

General - Toronto Slavic Quarterly

Toronto Slavic Quarterly is an electronic journal published by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature at the University of Toronto. The journal is devoted to prose, poetry, and criticism; it also publishes bibliographical surveys of new books and journals in the Slavic world. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from summer 2002 to the present.

General - Wiener Slawistischer Almanach

Full-text issues of Wiener Slawistischer Almanach are available online from 1978 and to 2010. The journal is available at Robarts Library with the latest issues in the Periodical Reading Room on the 4th floor. In German. PG1 .W53

Hungary - Hungarian Quarterly

The Hungarian Quarterly is an established international journal of the arts and society providing an independent, lively, inside view on the economy, society, history and culture of a country - and a region - in the throes of unprecedented change. Cutting through the language barrier, it publishes the best of Hungarian contemporary fiction and poetry in quality translation, carries book reviews, essays on archeology, music, the fine arts, theater and film, exclusive interviews, important documents and background information not available elsewhere in English.

Latvia - Latvian Literature

Latvian Literature is devoted to Latvian literature. Selected issues are available online. In Latvian.

Lithuania - Baltistica

Baltistica is an international journal of Baltic linguistics published by the University of Vilnius. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1965 and to 2012.

Lithuania - Literatura

Literatura is is a research journal devoted to Lithuanian and World literatures, and the Classics as well as cultural studies. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 2004 to the present. In Lithuanian.

Lithuania - Zemaitiu zeme

Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 2001 to the present. In Lithuanian.

Macedonia - Blesok

Bresok is an online journal published by the cultural institution “Bresok” and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. The journal is devoted to literature and other arts. Bresok is available online in full- text starting 1998 to the present. In Macedonian and English

Russia - Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media

Biannual online publication focusing on interdisciplinary topics related to Russia, Eurasia, and East Central Europe. The journal publishes scholarly articles, artists' contributions, interviews, book reviews, comments, and discussions. In English, German, and Russian.

Russia - Dostoevsky Studies

Dostoevsky Studies is a publication of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto and focuses on research in the life and works of Fedor Dostoevskii. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1980 to 1988. In English, German, and French.

Russia - Logos

Logos is a Russian journal devoted to problems of literature, social theory and philosophy, continuing as the editors say the Western (zapadnichestvo) tradition of the Russian culture.

Russia - Neprikosnovennyi Zapas. Debaty o politike i kul'ture

"Inviolable Reserve: Debates on Politics and Culture" is a unique interdisciplinary Russian journal devoted to the origins of the liberal thought in Russia, its transformation and adaptation in today’s reality. NZ authors are leading experts from all areas of the humanities: political science, philosophy, sociology, cultural anthropology and many other disciplines.

Russia - Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie

"The New Literary Observer" was launched in 1992 as the first post-Soviet journal devoted to literature. Since its inception, the journal has become the leading Russian interdisciplinary publication dedicated to Russian culture (not only literature) in a global context. In 2003 "The New Literary Observer" received the Russian State Prize for the "Best Educational Project"

Russia - Otechestvennye zapiski

Current Russian journal Otechestvennye zapiski aims to continue the tradition of pre-revolutionary Otechestvennye zapiski, which was one of the leading intellectual journals in Russia before 1917. The current Otechestvennye zapiski, as it predecessor, focuses on a broad range of topics which can be generally described as Russian intellectual life, ranging from academic articles to publicistic and analytical materials.

Russia - Polis

The web-site hosts an electronic version of the Russian bimonthly journal of political science “Polis”. Though the journal is heavily focused on general political theory, it also publishes many analytical materials on Russian politics.

Russia - Posev

The journal "Posev" was started in Russian DP camp in Germany in 1945 as a weekly magazine. In 1968 the publication has become a monthly journal. "Posev" was widely known in 1970-80s as one of the main Russian anti-communist periodicals in the West. The journal frequently published Soviet samizdat at that time. Since 1992 its published in Russia. Recent issues of the journal are available in PDF format from the publisher's web-site

Russia - Rossia. XX vek. Dokumenty

Electronic version of the almanac Rossia. XX vek. Dokumenty, which is published by the Alexander Iakovlev Foundation “Democracy”. The journal’s main aim is to concentrate on publishing primary sources from formerly closed Soviet archives, rather than on research. Most of the published materials are devoted to the Stalin era of Soviet history.

Russia - Vavilon

Vavilon is a journal devoted to works of young Russian writers and poets. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1992 to 2003. In Russian.

Russia - Vestnik molodykh uchenykh: filologicheskie nauki

Vestnik is a journal which publishes research of young scholars, archival materials, translations, reviews, and bibliographies in modern philology. Full-text issues are available online from 1998 and to 2003. In Russian.

Russia - Vestnik: The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies

Vestnik is a scholarly journal which publishes the best works of undergraduate and graduate research in the field. Full-text issues are available online starting from 2005.

Russia - Zhurnal'nyi Zal

Zhurnal'nyi Zal is a collection of Russian journals with archives if back issues. Zhurnal'nyi zal is a non-profit Internet project, which unites major Russian "thick" literary journals published in Russia and outside Russia. It is regularly updated and available for any reader. Extremely rich source of Russian literary life Zhurnal’nyi zal consists of the famous journals like are Druzhba Narodov, Novyi Mir, Kontinent, Neva, Voprosy Literatury etc. The search interface is Russian and English.

Serbia - Juznoslovenski filolog

Juznoslovenski filolog is a journal of Slavic philology published by the National Library of Serbia. Full-text issues of the journal are available online starting 2002 to the present. In Serbian, Russian and English.

Serbia - Matica srpska

Full-text issues of the journal are available online starting 2006 to the present. In Serbian.

Slovakia - Kultura slova

Kultura slova is a journal on language and terminology. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1967 and to the present. In Slovak.

Slovakia - Slovenska Rec

Slovenska Rec is a journal of the Slovak language. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1932 and to the present. In Slovak.

Slovenia - Slavicticna Revija

Slavicticna Revija is a scholarly journal devoted to Slovenian linguistics and literary studies. Full-text issues of the journal are available online from 1948 to the present. Index in English is available to all articles. In Slovenian.

Ukraine - Chetver

Chetver (Thursday) is a journal which publishes poetry and literary works of young Ukrainian writers. Full text issues of the journal are available online starting from 1993 to 2007. In Ukrainian

Ukraine - I - Nezalezhnyi kul'torolohichnyi chasopys

I is a cultural quarterly devoted to politics, philosophy, and culture of Ukraine and Europe. “It also examines the relationship of Ukrainians with Russians, Poles, Austrians, and Jews and places Ukraine in a modern geopolitical sphere that can further Ukraine's identity as a modern state.” Full text issues of the journals are available online starting from 1989 to the present. In Ukrainian.

Ukraine - Krytyka

"Krytyka is a leading Kyiv-based Journal of critical reviews, essays, and discussions, edited by George G. Grabowicz, Chyzhevs'kyj Professor of Ukrainian Literature at Harvard University. With a mission similar to that of such western leaders in this genre as The New York Review of Books and The Times Literary Supplement, "Krytyka" examines a broad range of topics--politics, culture and the arts, economics, to name a few. It provides a new intellectual, non-partisan, pluralistic discourse for Ukraine and for readers of Ukrainian around the world."

Ukraine - Ukraina Moderna

Ukraina Moderna (Modern Ukraine) is an semi-annual devoted to early modern and modern history of Ukraine. This is the first peer-reviewed Ukrainian academic journal with broad focus of research, aiming to be an interdisciplinary forum for scholars in Ukrainian studies.

Ukraine - Ukrainian Literature - A Journal of Translation

Ukrainian Literature is a journal which publishes English translations of the finest works of Ukrainian literature. The journal is published by the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Full text issues of the journal for 2004, 2007, and 2011 are available online. In Ukrainian.

Ukraine - Ukrainskyi Zhurnal

“Ukrainian Journal” is a monthly journal addressed to the Ukrainian-speaking intellectuals. It is being published in the Central and Eastern Europe countries pursuing the purpose to integrate and activate its readers as well as to become a place where they could exchange their views and opinions. “The Ukrainian Magazine” is engaged in the social, political, historical, cultural and artistic problems of the region.

Ukraine - Vsesvit

Vsesvit (which means in Ukrainian 'All the World' or 'Universe') is the only Ukrainian periodical that publishes exclusive translations of world classics and contemporary works of literature, covers different aspects of cultural, artistic, social, and political life in all parts of the world.