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Slavic and East European Resources

This guide includes annotated links to selected electronic resources, such as online library catalogues, archival guides, digital collections, dictionaries and encyclopedias, databases, e-journals, and search engines.


Open Society Archives

The Open Society Archives (OSA) is an archive and a center for research and education. Its collections and activities relate to the period after the Second World War, mainly the Cold War, history of the former communist countries, human rights, and war crimes during the Yugoslav Wars. Among the archive’s holdings are records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute (RFE/RL RI), oral history collections related to Chernobyl and various topics of late Soviet history, personal papers of General Béla Király, electronic archives of the Communist International (Comintern), etc.


Albanian State's Archives [Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Arkivave] 

The State Central Archives in Tirana is the major archival institution of Albania. The archive has rich collections with some documents dated as. 6th century. The site includes some useful information. In Albanian and English.


Archives of Belarus [Arkhivy Belarusi]

The Archives of the Republic of Belarus are the major archives of Belarus.The Belorusian archival network includes 6 central archives, 6 regional archives, 16 zonal archives and 3 archives of public organizations. The website has subject catalogue and link to all archives of Belarus. In Russian and English.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Archives of the Federation [Arhiv Federacije]

The Archives of the Federation is a comprehensive source for access to the archives and current records of the Parliament of the Federation, the President and Vice-President of the Federation, the Government of the Federation, federal administrative agencies, federal institutions, citizen societies, and other corporate bodies organized on the federal level.


Archives State Agency [Durzhavna agentsiia Arkhivi]

This is the site of the General Department of Archives at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian version contains information on history, exhibitions, publication of Bulgarian Archives. It also has a link with a short description and contact information of regional archives in Bulgaria (click on TDA). In Bulgarian and English.


Croatian State Archives [Hrvatski drzavni arhiv]

The Croatian State Archives are the central archival institution in Croatia which preserves archival records from the 12th century to the present. They are arranged in 1600 fonds and collections. The website contains useful information including the recommendations on using archives for researchers. This site also includes links to regional archives. In Croatian and English.

The State Archive in Dubrovnik [Drzavni arhiv u Dubrovniku]

The State Archive in Dubrovnik preserves one of the most important collections of documents dealing with the history of the Balkans and the Adriatic region, namely the archives of the former Republic of Ragusa. The website is available in Croatian.

Czech Republic

Archive Groups in the Czech Republic

Archive Groups in the Czech Republic is a useful resource which helps to locate archives and fonds in the Czech Republic. The database consists of entries about 154 789 archive groups and 114 889 finding aids and it is being updated regularly.

The National Archives in Prague [Narodni archiv v Praze]

The website of the National Archives in Prague provides information on activities, publications, news, and exhibitions undertaking by the Archives. It also provides information on all of the departments of Archives, for example, Department of self-government and state administration fonds until 1848 and of religious institutions; Department of self-government and state administration from 1848 – 1918; Department of state administration from 1918 – 1945; and Department of state administration fonds from 1945 – 1992. The interface is in Czech and English.


Estonian National Archives [Rahvusarhiiv]

The Estonian Historical Archives provides an access to the State, Historical and Film archives as well as many useful online research tools. 



National Archives Service of Finland

The National Archives Service consists of the National Archives and of seven Provincial Archives. This site includes links to all those archives. It also has usuful information on research in the archives. In Finnish, Swedish, and English.


Budapest City Archives [Budapest Fovaros Leveltara]

The website of Budapest City Archives provides information on the most important collection of the Archives. For example, the Archives of Pest, Buda, and Obuda; Holdings of the “Residential Capital” between 1873-1950; and Records of Towns and villages annexed to Budapest in 1950. The oldest document of the Archives is from 1300. The Archive preserve 21000 meters of material, from this 1200 meters originates before 1800. The interface is in Hungarian, English, and German.

National Archives of Hungary [Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár]

The website contains useful information on archives in Hungary. The website has links to database and finding aids as well as a description of holdings. The website links to e-Archívum which is electronic record system of Hungarian public archives.The holdings of the Archives are divided into sections and main groups of fonds in chronological order and on the basis of administrative units or type of records. The interface is in Hungarian, English, and German.


Latvian State Historical Archives

The Latvian State Historical Archive is a major Latvian archive which holds more than six million files in 17 languages. The search interface is in Latvian, English, German, and Russian.


Lithuanian Archives Department

The website of the Lithuanian State Archives has a link to the National Archival Database which is searchable by number, title, data, subject or repository. The website also provides information on access,service, events, news as well as virtual exhibitions. The interface is in Lithuanian and English.


State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia

The Archives of Macedonia is the central archive of Macedonia. It also includes nine regional departments. The archives preserve in the repositories 8.900 meters of archival records dating from the 12th century onwards on paper and about 7.100.000 meters on microfilm. The website is a rich source of information on the archives in Macedonia.


State Archives of Montenegro [Drzavni arhiv Crne Gore]

State Archives of Montenegro are the national archives of Montenegro. On this website researchers can find contact information.


Archival Resources Online

This resource includes more than 10 million scanned pages from state archives of Poland.

Jewish Historical Institute [Zydowski Instytut Historyczny (ZIH)]

The Jewish Historical Institute is the major institution dealing with the history of Polish Jews.

State Archives [Archiwa Panstwowe]

State Archives is the archival directory of Poland. The website is available in English and Polish. It provides links to all state archives in Poland.

The Central Archives of Historical Records [Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (AGAD)]

The Central Archives of Historical Records is the major archival institution in Poland. Its website is available in English and Polish.

The Institute of National Remembrance [Instytut Pamieci Narodowej (IPN)]

The Institute of National Remembrance - Commission of the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation is a government-affiliated research institute investigating and documenting crimes committed in Poland under the Nazi occupation and during the communist era.


National Archives of Romania

National Archives of Romania is the major archive of the country. The website provides access to information on the history of the Archives, access, services, publications as well as contact information.

Russia (Federation)


"This is a brief extract from the ArcheoBiblioBase directory and bibliographic information system for archival repositories in the Russian Federation, maintained in Moscow under the direction of Patricia Kennedy Grimsted in collaboration with the Federal Archival Agency of Russia (Rosarkhiv--before March 2004, Federal Archival Service of Russia). In English. A preliminary listing of republic, krai, and regional (oblast) state (including former Communist Party) archives throughout the Russian Federation with a bibliography of available guides."

Archives of Russia [Arkhivy Rossii]

Russian Archives website includes links to all federal and regional archives in Russia. Also, it lists the main archival collections at the major libraries in Russia. The website contains links to archival databases and has links of declassified archives in Russia.

Guides to Russian Archives

“A joint project of Rosarkhiv (Russian Federal Archival Agency), the Slavic Section of the University of Kansas Library, and East View Information Services, this resource offers a full-text searchable database of more than 60 Russian federal and regional archival guides published from 1987 to 2004.”

Russian Archives Online

"Russian Archives Online (RAO) is an online collection of Russian and Soviet-related archives and other sources of film footage, photographs, illustrations, and audio, along with supporting documents and text. Here is an overview of what can be found on the RAO Web site: • THE ARCHIVES provides in-depth background information on the Russian archives and other collections available on RAO. • CATALOGUES is where you can find searchable databases or page collections for many of the RAO archives. Note that the image catalogues are continually growing with entries added monthly. • THE GALLERY is an ever-changing display space highlighting archival materials available from the RAO archives. All past exhibits are archived and are accessible from the menu at the bottom of The Gallery page. SEARCH SITE is a site-wide search which returns pages containing the word(s) for which you are looking. Note that this is different from searching the catalogue databases where results pages are generated for each query."

Russian State Archive of Documentary Films and Photographs [(Rosiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Kinofotodokumento (RGAKFD) ]

"As the centralized state repository for documentary films, newsreels, and photographs, RGAKFD acquires and preserves copies of complete films and episodes in film footage or documentary outtakes produced by state film studios. It also holds photographs and negatives from information agencies, large newspapers, and magazines, predominantly from the Soviet period, although chronologically materials in the archive date back to the second part of the nineteenth century. The site provides on-line access to catalogues of the repository's holdings of films and photographs. It also offers virtual exhibitions."


National Archives of Serbia

The website of the National Archives of Serbia provides information on the history of archives, main collections, online exhibitions, news, and publications. The interface is in Serbian.

Slovak Republic

Slovak National Archives [Slovensky Narodny Archiv]

The Slovak National Archives is the major archives in the Slovak Republic. The website includes the list of archival fonds and collections organized by subject and the list of microfilms collections. It also has the classification system of archival fonds and collections in the archives and other useful information for researchers. In Slovak and English.


National Archives of Slovenia [Arhiv Republike Slovenije]

The National Archives of Slovenia preserves about 200 million documents from the 11th to the 20th century and also film, photographic material and audio-visual archives. The website is the rich source of information on the Archives and their collections. Databases include data on approximately 1900 archival fonds and collections. This site also includes links to regional archives and a bibliography of works about Slovene archives. In Slovene and English.


Archives in Ukraine [Arkhivy Ukrainy]

"The major resource on archival materials in Ukraine. The official website of the State Committee on Archives of Ukraine (Derzhkomarkhiv) contains a great deal of information for scholars, researchers, and anyone interested in archives in Ukraine. It is a comprehensive source of information on digital archives, programs and progects, databases in Ukrainian archives, and Ukrainica abroad. It also provides the latest news related to archives in Ukraine and abroad. The site also contains a list of links to the main central archives and all regional archives in Ukraine. Phone, fax, address, e-mail, and working hours are also provided."