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Student Journal Publishing

February 20, 2024


Start Time  

10:00am PST

11:00am MST

12:00pm CST

1:00pm EST

2:00pm AST

Opening Remarks

10:05am PST

11:05am MST

12:05pm CST

1:05pm EST

2:05pm AST

Student Journal Presentations Followed by Q&A Period

11:25am PST

12:25pm MST

1:25pm CST

2:25pm EST

3:25pm AST

Skills Session: Creating a student journal: from the library publisher perspective [access slides] [access recording]

This session will discuss considerations for starting a new student journal, from the library publisher perspective. Recommendations and best practices will be presented, including an overview of the criteria Universty of Alberta Libraries Open Publishing sets for new student journals, and the rationale and experience that led to the creation of these standards.

Presented by: Katie Cuyler (she/her), Open Publishing & Government Information Librarian, University of Alberta

12:10pm PST

12:25pm MST

2:10pm CST

3:10pm EST

4:10pm AST

Closing Remarks and Live Gift Card Draw for Student Presenters

Stick around for the wheel spin and a chance to win a gift card for a vendor of your choice. 

The gift card draw is generously sponsored by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP).