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Code of Conduct


The Student Journal Forum is a community-led project. We value the involvement of everyone. We are committed to creating a friendly and respectful learning, teaching, and contributing place. All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to others. 

To make clear what is expected, everyone participating is required to conform to the Code of Conduct. Alejandra Casas and Kristin Hoffmann are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and can be contacted by emailing or All reports will be kept confidential. 

Student Journal Forum Code of Conduct

The Student Journal Forum Planning Committee is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment free of harassment for all people, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion. As such, we will not tolerate behaviour that is disrespectful to participants or that excludes or intimidates others. 

Everyone who participates in the Student Journal Forum is required to conform to this Code of Conduct. It applies to all spaces related to the Forum, including but not limited to, the online event, email lists, social media, and shared documents. Forum presenters and facilitators are expected to assist with the enforcement of the Code of Conduct. By participating, participants indicate their acceptance of the procedures with which the Forum Planning Committee resolves any Code of Conduct incidents, which may include storage and processing of their personal information. 

Expected Behaviour 

All participants in the Student Journal Forum are expected to show respect and courtesy to others. All interactions should be professional regardless of the platform, whether online or in-person. In order to foster a positive and professional learning environment we encourage the following kinds of behaviours: 

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language
  • Be respectful of different viewpoints and experiences
  • Gratefully accept constructive criticism
  • Focus on what is best for the community
  • Show courtesy and respect towards other participants

Privacy Protocols

  • The conference Zoom link should not be shared publicly. 
  • Do not take audio or video recordings or screenshots of any SJF activities unless all participants have granted explicit permission.

Unacceptable Behaviour 

Examples of unacceptable behaviour by participants at the Student Journal Forum include: 

  • Written or verbal comments which have the effect of excluding people based on membership of any specific group
  • Causing someone to fear for their safety, such as through stalking, following, or intimidation
  • Violent threats or language directed against another person
  • The display of sexual or violent images
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Nonconsensual or unwelcome physical contact
  • Sustained disruption of talks, events, or communications
  • Insults or put-downs
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or exclusionary jokes
  • Excessive swearing
  • Incitement to violence, suicide, or self-harm
  • Continuing to initiate interaction (including photography or recording) with someone after being asked to stop
  • Publication of private communication without consent

How to report an incident

If you experience something that violates this Code of Conduct, please make a report by emailing or Reports will be received and managed by Alejandra Casas and Kristin Hoffmann. A person implicated in an incident report will not be involved in responding to the report.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour 

Participants who are asked to stop any inappropriate behaviour are expected to comply immediately. This applies to any Student Journal Forum activity, either online or in person. Suppose a participant engages in behaviour that violates this Code of Conduct. In that case, the organizers may warn the offender, ask them to leave the event, or investigate the Code of Conduct violation and impose appropriate sanctions. 

About This Document

This document is adapted from The Carpentries Code of Conduct, licensed CC BY 3.0. The Carpentries Code of Conduct was itself based on guidelines written by the Django Project, the Ada Initiative template, and the PyCon 2013 Procedure for Handling Harassment Incidents.

If you have questions about anything in this Code of Conduct, including what certain words or concepts mean, please ask us. We are happy to explain. We also welcome feedback on how to improve the Code of Conduct. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.