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OISE's Ontario Historical Education Collections (OHEC)

Welcome to OISE's Ontario Historical Education Collections

The OISE Ontario Historical Education Collections (OHEC) consist of historical materials documenting the development and cultural history of the Ontario public education system. The collections contain over 7000 items including textbooks, curriculum materials, government education documents and reports, yearbooks, and archival materials.

This research guide provides:

  • a brief overview of the history of education in Ontario

  • information about accessing OHEC materials in the library and online

  • an overview of materials in the collections

  • suggestions for further historical education research

Photography credit: Marcos Armstrong 2015


This research guide was created by Jillian Harkness, OISE library graduate student library assistant, and originally published in June 2016. It was updated and maintained by Nailisa Tanner and Bethany Lepp.