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OISE's Ontario Historical Education Collections (OHEC)

Circular 14 Textbook Collection (C14) 1970-1996

The Circular 14 Textbook Collection is a continuation of the Ontario Textbook Collection (OTC). This collection includes English and French textbooks in Circular 14, the list of textbooks approved by the Department/Ministry of Education from 1970-1996. The Trillium List replaced Circular 14 in 2002. For more information about Circular 14, see

Catalogue records for textbooks in the C14 Collection note the subject and grade for which the textbook was approved. Many textbooks were approved for more than one grade level or subject. Some textbooks include accompanying materials such as workbooks, teachers' guides, maps, kits, and musical scores.

Please note that some materials in the C14 collection have not been catalogued.  If you are looking for a specific textbook used in Ontario between 1970 and 1996 and cannot find a record for it, please contact

Locating Books in the Circular 14 Textbook Collection

Find specific titles in this collection by searching the library catalogueAdvanced Search

  • Using the Advanced Search option, click “Catalogue” and select "OISE/UT Library" from the Search Scope drop-down menu.
  • Enter a subject keyword (e.g., biology) or a grade level keyword (e.g., primary) along with the word “authorized.”
  • On the results page, use the Location filter on the left side menu to limit results to "OISE/UT Library Ontario Historical Education collection.
  • See the “General Notes” field in a catalogue record for information about when the textbook was authorized. 

Click here for a list of C14 textbooks and accompanying resources that appear in the catalogue.