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OISE's Ontario Historical Education Collections (OHEC)

Orbit: OISE's Magazine for Schools


Orbit is an education magazine that was published by OISE from 1969 to 2008. The magazine highlighted OISE's relationship with the Ontario educational community and connected the research of OISE faculty to the everyday practice of Ontario teachers. Many of the articles featured in Orbit were written by OISE faculty members.  

The magazine's five annual issues explored new ideas in education, facilitated conversations around educational reforms, and played a role in public relations for OISE. Themed issues addressed topics such as safe schools, gender and schooling, and anti-racist education. Special inserts offered practical solutions for incorporating these ideas in the classroom. 

OISE Library’s collection of Orbit magazines has been digitally preserved and is accessible via the Internet Archive. For more information about the magazine, see Orbit: OISE’s Magazine for Schools (1969 – 2008)