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A guide to chemistry resources and the A.D. Allen Chemistry Library.

Other Resources

Online Courses in Chemistry and everything else under the Sun!

 A number of universities and consortiums are now making course videos and even full courses available publicly online. While these are not available for credit, they can be a great way to get a different perspective on a topic if you are having difficulty understanding your course material.

  • Coursera - a consortium of 62 universities
    Coursera has over 300 courses available and partners with over 60 universities.  Students register (for free) and watch videos and do quizzes. If you complete the course you can get a certificate (not a credit).  They have some chemistry courses but not many. 

  • MIT Open Courseware
    MIT is committed to having all of its course materials online for anyone to view.  They have over 2100 courses available and quite an extensive collection of chemistry courses.  Available for viewing at any time - no registration required.

  • UCI - University of California at Irvine Open Chemistry
    The full four year chemistry courses are now online. NO registration required - view anytime.

  • If you need a refresher on a topic from high school (integrals, physics, history, etc.) , Khan Academy can help - they cover the Ontario curriculum quite thoroughly.

Chemistry Mobile Apps

  • UTL Catalogue App for iPhone, Blackberry and Android
    Allows you to search the U of T library catalogue straight from your mobile device!
  • ACS Mobile (iPhone)
    Real-time updates on peer-reviewed journal articles and American Chemical Society news
  • ScienceDirect Reference
    Search and read full Elsevier articles on the go!
  • SciVerse Scopus Alerts
    Search for articles contained in the Scopus database
  • Nature Magazine
    Real-time updates on your iPhone as soon as the articles are published.
  • MORE 2.0 App (iPhone)
    Provides access to thousands of reagents used in organic synthesis and allows you to convert an iPhone photo of a structure into a searchable item.
  • Chemistry Formulas (iPhone)
    Quick references sheets for topics like chemistry fundamentals to radioactive decay – and everything in between.
  • Chemjuice (iPhone)
    Lets you draw molecules with your fingertips! Also provides interesting information about the searched compound.
  • Buffer Design (iPhone)
    Automatically designs buffer solutions based on your desired specifications.
For a list of more chemistry, biochemistry, physics and mathematics apps, check out this link (maintained by Chris Swain of Macs in Chemistry.)

Mobile-formatted Searching

Scarborough Campus List of Chemistry Apps & Sites

Comprehensive list apps and sites Chemistry: mobile apps & sites