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Web of Science is the Best Place to Start (when you need journal articles)

Citation indexes are powerful tools that allow you to link academic works to other academic works to follow a scholarly conversation. For this course it is advised to use:

Web of Science

With Web of Science, when you find an article that you like, look at the 'citations' and 'references' links. You can easily find more articles that are often similar and 'in scholarly conversation with one another.'

Let's imagine that you are interested in the first article in this image 'Globalisation and restructuring in rural Mexico: The case of fruit growers.' You can see that it has used 60 other sources as references, and has been cited by 18 other resources. Click these hyperlinked citations and references to follow the scholarly conversation that includes this article forwards into the future and backwards into the past:

Major Databases by Discipline

For journal articles from the discipline of political science:

WorldWide Political Science Abstracts

For journal articles from the discipline of economics:


For journal articles from the disicipline of psychology (leadership -- psychology of):

APA PsycInfo

For journal articles from the discipline of sociology (leadership -- sociological aspects of):

Sociological Abstracts

Select Books on Global Leadership