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The major index for education. ERIC provides access to a broad collection of resources on education research and information. The database is of interest to education researchers, teachers, instructors and students in teacher preparation programs, administrators, policymakers and parents. ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education.

Education Source
Offers citations and some full text links for scholarly research on education. It covers all levels of education (from early childhood to higher education) as well as all educational specialties such as multilingual education, health education and testing.

CBCA (Canadian Business and Current Affairs)
A source for Canadian information on a variety of topics. There is a good amount of content related to education with a Canadian context but read carefully, content is not exclusively Canadian.

Canada in Context
Has a mix of academic journals and magazines on a variety of topics including education. Publications in the collection are based in Canada but the content is not necessarily based on research or activities occurring in Canada. Includes "Educator Resources" which could be of interest to some (under the "More" option on the website banner.)

Psychology research that includes some education-related and cognitive/learning psychology content.

Peer-reviewed: what does it mean and how do I know?

To check whether a particular journal (in which an article appears) is a peer-reviewed journal or not, look up the journal title in UlrichsWeb

‚ÄčThis will be especially useful if you search via the Library's Search Articles tool or Google Scholar where you cannot limit to peer-reviewed articles, you can only know that they are from scholarly journals (which is not quite the same as peer-reviewed).

Please see this video for an explanation of peer reviewed articles: