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Gerstein Science Information Centre

MD Program (UME)

CPS (formerly RxTx)






CPS (formerly RxTx) Mobile app features: access to thousands of Health Canada-approved monographs, CPhA evidence based, peer-reviewed monographs covering more than 300 drugs, including valuable guidance on off-label uses, Health Canada advisories and alerts posted within 48 hours of issue, content available both online and offline.

Follow these steps to download the app for free through the University of Toronto Libraries:

  1. Go to Connect to CPS (formerly RxTx). Click on 'Get the Code' at the bottom of the screen to obtain the Organization code
  2. Then,  go to  and click on the "Not yet registered?" link
  3. Fill in your U of T email address to create an individual account 
  4. Fill out the registration form, once complete you will be sent an email to set up your password. 
  5. Click on the link in the email to create a password
  6. Log in to the platform using the email and password you just created:
  7. Navigate to your user profile by clicking on the icon in top right hand corner and clicking 'My profile'
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the section Set Mobile Enterprise Code
    1. Input the Organization Code 
    2. Set a password to access the mobile app (you can use the same one)
  9. You will be sent an email confirming you have registered to use CPS Mobile. Follow the instructions in the email to download and login to the app.


Image of Lexicomp logo

Lexicomp has both a mobile web access and application for most mobile operating systems, and UofT affiliates have access to the web version for free! Unfortunately, the mobile application is not free through University of Toronto Libraries. Lexicomp does offer a free trial and an approximately 50% discount off the retail cost of mobile app packages to students and faculty. You will need to register with Lexicomp to use the service.

Follow these steps to purchase and register for the app:

(1) Access “LexiComp Online” through the University of Toronto Libraries. Do not purchase the app directly through the Lexicomp webstore.
(2) Log in via the institutional page and locate the 'Academic Discount Program' box in the middle of the home screen. Click on 'Access Your Discount'.
(3) Review package and pricing options for UofT students and faculty.
(4) Create an account and download the app.

Please note: Lexicomp’s mobile app does not require internet access for use once the tool has been downloaded and installed. Content and data will be downloaded to the device and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Content and pricing detail:

The LexiComp Online webstore has a link to a table comparing content and the various pricing options and coverage. To access the comparison chart, go to, scroll down to the heading 'Find the recommended solution for your profession' and click on 'Pharmacists'.


Micromedex: free drug reference
There are 3 main Micromedex applications: (1) Drug Information, (2) Drug Interactions, and (3) IV Compatibility (for intravenous, or injectable medications). All 3 are accessible to UofT students, faculty, and staff members. Drug Information does not require a login, while Drug Interactions and IV Compatibility both require a password login. You may access the resource from the University of Toronto Libraries webpage.

Please note that access to MicroMedex is limited to usage on campus, for the purpose of training and demonstration.

For more information on MicroMedex, check out this library page.

Please follow the instructions on the MicroMedex mobile website to access the app.

Natural Medicines

Image of trc natural medicines logo




Natural Medicines, also known as Natural Standard and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, houses resources on dietary supplements, herbal medicines and complementary and integrative therapies.

The mobile app is not free. However, users can subscribe to the database on a monthly basis.