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Mobile Health Science Resources


What is this guide?

Want to access PubMed on your mobile device?

Need to search for articles in Scopus while on the move?

This guide is here to help you quickly find mobile health science resources. We have consolidated mobile sites and applications which are subscribed to by University of Toronto Libraries, as well as some free sites and applications that may be of help in your research.


UofT Libraries Mobile App

We also have a mobile app for Android, iOS and Blackberry operating systems. You can download it here.
Available for: Android iOS Blackberry


Mobile Database Apps



UpToDate is available for University of Toronto students only - to use the app, U of T students must first register with a username and password with UpToDate.

To use the app:

Step 1)  Go to UpToDate and click on My Account and then on Login/Register Now.  Fill in the form and create your own user name and password.  You will then be sent an email message with additional registration information.
Step 2)  Download the UpToDate App for your device.
Step 3)  Sign into the app with the username and password you created on the UpToDate website.

Note: In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, UpToDate needs to know that you are still affiliated with the University of Toronto. Simply Log in to from the University of Toronto network every 90 days or click here to find other ways to verify your affiliation.

Available for: Android iOS Windows

DynaMed logo


DynaMed Plus

Step 1) Download the DynaMed Plus App from your app store.
Step 2) Access DynaMed Plus from the library website. In DynaMed, click on the Mobile use - Get the DynaMed mobile App link (under the left Spotlight section).  Enter your institutional email address in the form (e.g. - an authentication key will be emailed to you. 
Step 3) On your mobile device, click the authentication link in the email you received. (Note: there is a 48-hour time limit for this authentication key).
Step 4) The DynaMed Plus app will open on your mobile device and begin the initial content download.  (It is recommended to use a wifi connection for the initial content download, since this may take up to approximately 20-30 minutes).

For app authentication, installation, and other technical requirements, refer to this technical support page.

For app how-tos, content, and features, refer to this DynaMed Mobile App FAQ.

Available for: Android iOS


BMJ Best Practice Logo


BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a point of care tool. It takes you quickly to evidence with step by step guidance on prognosis, diagnosis, treatment.

Step 1) Sign into the web version of BMJ Best Practice through a browser
Step 2) Create a personal account (log in from the top right)
Step 3) On your mobile device, download the BMJ Best Practices from your app/play store
Step 4) Log into the app with the same email and password you entered to create your personal account for the web account.

It will take several minutes to download the content.


Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Palm Windows Phone & Windows Mobile

Image result for RxTx drug therapy

RxTx Mobile app features: access to thousands of Health Canada-approved monographs, CPhA evidence based, peer-reviewed monographs covering more than 300 drugs, including valuable guidance on off-label uses, Health Canada advisories and alerts posted within 48 hours of issue, content available both on and off-line.

To get started:

Step 1) Visit and enter the Organization Code and complete your registration.   (NOTE: contact for the Organization Code). 
Step 2) Once complete, you can go to the Apple/Google Play App Store from your smartphone/tablet and search for RxTx Mobile.
Step 3) Once installed, enter your email address and the password created during registration - this step is only required the first time the app is opened. 

Available for: Android iOS


Three Micromedex applications: Micromedex Drug InformationDrug InteractionsIv Compatibility. Follow instructions on the Micromedex mobile website to download and install. Make sure to obtain a password for the app as indicated in the mobile website. 

Available for: iOS

Image result for ebscohost


Access CINAHL, GreenFILE and other EBSCO databases through the EBSCOhost Mobile App.

To download:

Step 1) Click on the link above (if off campus you will be prompted for your utorID).
Step 2) Click on the EBSCOhost Web link.
Step 3) Scroll to the bottom of the page.
Step 4) Click the "iPhone and Android apps" link.

You will be prompted to enter your email and EBSCOhost will send you download instructions.

Click here for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app help.
Click here for Android app help.

Available for: Android iOS

Image result for ScienceDirect


Please note that the ScienceDirect application allows you to save articles for offline viewing, but does not sync saved articles with your ScienceDirect account.
You must create a ScienceDirect account to use this app, but this is free for UofT students. This can be done at - please use your email address.

Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Windows

Image result for ScopusScopus

This app currently allows searching Scopus' abstracts, saving articles for later use, creating search alerts, sharing articles through email and annotating articles with personal notes. Full-text is not available at this time.

You must create a Scopus account to use this app, but this is free for UofT students. This can be done at - please use your email address.

 Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Windows

Related image

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

JoVE is a peer-reviewed scientific video journal.

Step 1) On the JoVE website, create a personal JoVE account using your institutional email address.
Step 2) In your email account, click the verification link to confirm your registration.
Step 3) Download the JoVE app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.
Step 2) On your mobile device, login to the app using your institutional email address and JoVE password.

Note: The library subscribes to the following JoVE journals: 

Available for: Android iOS

Image result for lexicomp


Lexicomp has both a mobile web access and application for most major mobile operating systems. This application is not free through University of Toronto Libraries. Lexicomp does offer a free trial and approximately 50% discount off the retail cost of mobile app packages to students and faculty. You will need to register with Lexicomp to use the service.

To purchase and register:

Step 1) Search “Lexi-Comp Online” in the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue to access the institutional page. Do not purchase the app directly through the Lexicomp webstore.
Step 2) Log in via the institutional page and locate the Academic Discount Program box in the middle of the home screen. Click on “Access Your Discount”.
Step 3) Review package and pricing options for UofT students and faculty.
Step 4) Create an account and download the app.

Please note: Lexicomp’s mobile app does not require wifi access for use once the tool has been downloaded. Content and data will be downloaded to the device and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Content and pricing detail:

The LexiComp Online webstore has a link to a table comparing content and the various pricing options and coverage. To access the comparison chart, go to, scroll down to the heading “Find the recommended solution for your profession” and click on “Pharmacists”.

Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Palm Windows Phone & Windows Mobile


Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines, also known as Natural Standard and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, is a mobile application that affords users the same access they enjoy through the standard web-accessible database. The mobile version is updated monthly. As of right now there is no student discount; however, users can subscribe to the database on a monthly basis.

Available for: Android iOS Blackberry  Palm Windows Phone & Windows Mobile


Other Free Apps

Image result for diagnosaurus

Diagnosaurus contains 1000+ differential diagnoses and allows users to search by disease, symptom or organ system. The application is free for devices running PalmOS (not webOS), Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It costs .99 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.
Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Palm Windows Phone & Windows Mobile

Image result for medscape

Medscape contains medical review articles, journal commentary, patient education articles and book reviews among other content which is organized by medical speciality. It has content geared towards the health professional, student and the public. Users must register with Medscape; this can be done through the application and is free.
Available for: Android iOS Blackberry

Related image

Nature currently provides access to Nature, Nature News, Nature Communications, Nature Physics, Nature Genetics, Nature Reviews Genetics and Nature Reviews Microbiology for all content published after August 31, 2009. You must register for Nature; this can be done through the app and registration is free.
Available for: iOS

Image result for web md

WebMD contains a symptom checker, information on different conditions, drug and treatment information (including a pill identification tool) and first aid information. No registration is required and webMD is compatible with Android, Blackberry and iOS.
Available for: Android iOS Blackberry

Related image

New Scientist has developed an Android app to allow you to keep up with their publication. All of their weekly content is available for free through this app.
Available for: Android

FRR: Find Rehab Resources was designed by a team of professional librarians from the University Health Network as a pathfinder to help clinicians locate free information resources on rehabilitation medicine on the Internet. The content areas were identified by a group of rehabilitation clinicians and staff at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.
Available for: Android iOSWindows Phone & Windows Mobile


App Sites and Reviews

Note: not all of the applications included in these lists and review sites are free. Most medical app lists also contain "science" applications.

iMedicalApps is an online community of medical professionals who review medical applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry OS. Reviews take in to account the reviewers usage of an application in their clinical, professional and home settings.

50 Healthcare Apps for Clinicians and Consumers to Know
This list details 50 of the most-talked about, most-downloaded apps to know for both patients and providers.

Our 10 Favourite Science Apps for Android 
Science Focus magazine compiles a list of some fun science-related games and some helpful apps for the science-minded. This includes acceleratAR - an app that allows you to create your very own (virtual) particle accelerator! 

Macworld Reviews, Medical apps
This is the medical section of Macworld iOS reviews. It provides plenty of useful information and also includes user ratings for the apps.

Our Top 10 Science Apps for iPad and iPhone 
Science Focus magazine compiles a list of the best science-related apps for iPad and iPhone, including Bloom - an educational app from Swedish startup Megalearn that acts as a beautiful introduction to the world of plants.

26 BlackBerry Apps to learn about any Medicine, Symptom or Disease
Word on the street is that Blackberry OS is severely lacking in medical applications. This comprehensive list proves that wrong. 26 Blackberry applications are divided into subtopics and briefly described and reviewed. Note: many of these are paid apps.

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