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Mobile Health Science Resources

What is this guide?

Want to access PubMed on your phone or tablet?

Need to access UpToDate or BMJ Best Practices while on the move?

This guide is here to help you quickly find mobile health science resources. We have consolidated mobile sites and applications which are subscribed to by University of Toronto Libraries, as well as some free sites and applications that may be of help in your research.




UpToDate is available for University of Toronto students only - to use the app, U of T students must first register with a username and password with UpToDate.

To use the app:

Step 1)  Go to UpToDate and click on My Account and then on Login/Register Now.  Fill in the form and create your own user name and password.  You will then be sent an email message with additional registration information.
Step 2)  Download the UpToDate App for your device.
Step 3)  Sign into the app with the username and password you created on the UpToDate website.

Note: In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, UpToDate needs to know that you are still affiliated with the University of Toronto. Simply Log in to from the University of Toronto network every 90 days or click here to find other ways to verify your affiliation.

Available for: Android iOS Windows


DynaMed logo


DynaMed Plus

Step 1) Download the DynaMed Plus App from your app store.
Step 2) Access DynaMed Plus from the library website. In DynaMed, click on the Mobile use - Get the DynaMed mobile App link (under the left Spotlight section).  Enter your institutional email address in the form (e.g. - an authentication key will be emailed to you. 
Step 3) On your mobile device, click the authentication link in the email you received. (Note: there is a 48-hour time limit for this authentication key).
Step 4) The DynaMed Plus app will open on your mobile device and begin the initial content download.  (It is recommended to use a wifi connection for the initial content download, since this may take up to approximately 20-30 minutes).

For app authentication, installation, and other technical requirements, refer to this technical support page.

For app how-tos, content, and features, refer to this DynaMed Mobile App FAQ.

Available for: Android iOS

BMJ Best Practice Logo


BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a point of care tool. It takes you quickly to evidence with step by step guidance on prognosis, diagnosis, treatment.

Step 1) Sign into the web version of BMJ Best Practice through a browser
Step 2) Create a personal account (log in from the top right)
Step 3) On your mobile device, download the BMJ Best Practices from your app/play store
Step 4) Log into the app with the same email and password you entered to create your personal account for the web account.

It will take several minutes to download the content.

Available for: Android iOS Blackberry Palm Windows Phone & Windows Mobile