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Gerstein Science Information Centre

MD Program (UME)

Harm Reduction Guidance


General Medicine Guidelines


Guidelines By Organizations & Associations


Systematic Reviews


  • 45000+ abstracts of high-quality systematic reviews
  • Access to Cochrane Clinical Answers


  • Multilingual database
  • Largest systematic review database


Synopses of Single Studies

Articles that summarize and often critically appraise evidence from original research. 

  • BMJ Evidence Based Medicine A journal that publishes opinions, and original research on tools, methods, and concepts that are central to practicing evidence-based medicine.
  • ACP Journal Club summarizes the best new evidence for internal medicine from over 130 clinical journals. Once a bimonthly stand-alone journal, ACP Journal Club is now a monthly feature of Annals of Internal Medicine. Click on 'Journal Club"
  • Tools for Practice Tools for Practice consists of articles summarizing medical evidence. These are short synopses ~ 300 words and on topics that focus on primary care.
  • NEJM Journal Watch (account required). Contains summaries and commentaries on original research


Clinical Search Engines/ Pre-Filtered Results

PubMed Clinical Queries

  • Free access to search MedLine
  • Auto sorts result into categories so they are pre-filtered for you

Trip Medical Database

  • Kind of like the 'Google' of medical literature
  • Includes MedLine, systematic reviews, CPGs, and more