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A guide to chemistry resources and the A.D. Allen Chemistry Library.

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ChemDraw is a downloadable application for drawing chemical structures for use in database queries, the preparation of graphics for lab reports and journal articles, providing electronic descriptions of molecules and reactions, and features advanced prediction tools. 

Create tables of structures, identify and label stereochemistry, estimate NMR spectra from ChemDraw structures, obtain structures from chemical names, assign names from structures, and create multi-page documents and posters. 

There is rich polymer notation, generic structure expansion and fragmentation tools. ChemDraw  includes Struct=Name, ChemDraw/Excel, ChemNMR, Stoichiometry Grid, CLogP, tPSA as well as the added capabilities of Chem3D Pro and ChemFinder Std to the ChemDraw Pro application.

With the ChemDraw licence, the MNova Lite download is also available. 


Patricia Meindl
Chemistry Librarian
A.D. Allen Chemistry Library
80 St. George Street, Room 480
(416) 978-3587