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BIOC70 An Introduction to Bias in the Sciences

This guide will help students in BIOC70 to find relevant resources for the Task Force Project or Briefing Document assignment, find supportive materials in library databases, create effective search strategies, and develop their topic.

Research Process

Remember the research process is not linear. You will inevitable move back and forth between focusing your topic, research, and writing before completing your assignment.   

Watch the Focus Your Research Topic to discover how to do background research and use it to brainstorm a topic, and utilize the 5Ws framework to consider the various aspects of your topic that you can then focus your research on.  

What, Who, Where, When and Why/How of Your Topic

Topic: Bias in AI and implications on women's health.


bias, health data, diagnostics, disease, gender equity, socio-economic, sample representation, medical advice, cardio-vascular disease, medical app, gender informed  


women, app developers


hospital, doctor’s office

When Last 5 years, medical studies, tech development, tech information, app development

Why when medical apps are developed do they not include gender-informed data?

How can medical studies be more representative of women in their sampling?

How can we improve medical advice given through medical apps? 

As you can see, there are so many different aspects of the AI and gender topic, we can start grouping and seeing themes or further focuses and curiosities. For example, you may focus on:

  • medical apps being gender-informed when it comes to AI and Gender
  • medical studies being more representative so that AI has better data for diagnostics.

Example Topic Mindmap

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