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BIOC70 An Introduction to Bias in the Sciences

This guide will help students in BIOC70 to find relevant resources for the Task Force Project or Briefing Document assignment, find supportive materials in library databases, create effective search strategies, and develop their topic.

Search Strategy AI and Women's Health


Key Concepts   Related Term   Related Term   Related Term
women OR gender OR   OR  
"medical apps" OR AI OR "artificial intelligence" OR  data
"cardiovascular disease" OR disease OR   OR  
bias OR "gender-informed" OR   OR  

ACTIVITY: Search Strategy Log & Continuing Your Research

Quick Write 5 words that describe your focus. Search Strategy Log Question 4 

Identify your keywords and related term in the Search Strategy Log Questions 5

Continue your research by finding a primary, secondary, and popular resources. Search Strategy Log Questions 6 - 11.